Donald Trump is rarely superb (in any respect). however let’s be sincere, he has received some scars on our behalf. For that he deserves our thanks.

and don’t say “judges”

in case you’re gonna start arbitrarily disqualifying the pro-gun issues hes executed, then we can’t have a productive conversation. which you could’t ask for pro gun things that Trump has executed but immediately strike those things down for no reason.

The reality of the be counted is that in terms of judges, Trump has completed exceptional work for the professional gun trigger, and that already his judges are bringing us main victories (see the 9th circuit astonishing the California magazine ban as unconstitutional).

Gtfo here with the Orange Man bad shit. I’m no longer asking professional gun americans to be professional Trump because in spite of everything he isn’t actually the ultimate for our trigger, but holy shit at least are attempting to be a decent person