Gun evaluation: Ruger New model tremendous Blackhawk Bisley in .454 Casull

I’m not asserting they’re dull, but man, americans make some very questionable choices.  Fearing “election riots” a grown man traded me used Glock 42 in .380ACP for a new-in-container New model Ruger super Blackhawk Bisley in .454 Casull. not even a drag line on the cylinder yet.

He made a nasty exchange. The Ruger super Blackhawk Bisley in .454 Casull is a fantastic, historical handgun, totally capable and well confirmed to take any animal in the world.

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The .454 Casull is commonly considered the start of the true heavy magnums.  if you believed soiled Harry and concept it was the .forty four Magnum, you’re wrong.  The .forty four Magnum is, even at its most mighty loading, a sneeze in comparison to the .454 Casull.  The accurate a number of the .44 Magnum produce about 1,200ft/lbs of muzzle power.  The .454 Casull? Over 1,900ft/lbs. And that’s throughout the same weight revolver with the equal barrel size.

not like most of the large bore magnums, that vigor isn’t as a result of a very heavy bullet.  in fact, the lack of ability to load a bullet to or previous four hundred grains is basically the most effective downside to the .454 Casull. No, Dick Casull’s huge child’s claim to repute is how speedy it pushes the 300(ish) grain rounds. A 300 grain bullet fired from a 6 1/2″ barrel like this one may still be relocating at 1,600 fps, at its true conclusion. A 240 gr hollow element?  You’re looking closer to 1,900 fps.

That’s quite a lot of power. And pressure.  The .454 Casull legitimately operates at rifle pressures. With its perfected case, small rifle primer, and a superb volume of fast powder at the back of the bullet, the SAAMI maximum drive for the .454 Casull is a whopping sixty five,000 psi.  For reference, that’s a little above each the 5.fifty six NATO and .308 Winchester rifle cartridges.

Of course, all that power comes with a value paid in recoil.  at the top conclusion of the .454 Casull loads from this Ruger tremendous Blackhawk Bisley, make sure you are expecting about 35 lbs of recoil power returned to the shooter.  to put that into standpoint, assuming you were capturing it in the course of the accurate same gun, absolutely the right a variety of a .forty four Magnum will offer you 23 lbs, and the .357 Magnum would offer you 11 lbs. For more viewpoint, a 15 lb rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum provides 29 lbs. Heavy masses within the .460 Smith and Wesson Magnum fired from their 460XVR double action revolvers offers about 31 lbs of recoil energy. That’s assuming H110 is used because the powder for the entire outdated pistol masses.

anything above 30 lbs is a heck of handshake.

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(image courtesy JWT for

happily, all that recoil is usually unnecessary, commonly because of the useful genius of Dick Casull.

Handgun hunters owe a whole lot to Mr. Casull.  His work, and his brilliant affect on different gunsmiths, led the manner for revolver hunting as we know it these days. I don’t have any doubt there would not be the diversity and satisfactory of firearms or cartridges obtainable to the handgun hunter these days if now not for Dick Casull.

He didn’t beginning out to produce essentially the most noted cartridge that bears his identify, he started out making an attempt to create a very heavy .forty five Colt.  He rightly diagnosed the killing competencies of the .forty five Colt, however saw the weaknesses of the case design as smartly as the firearms they were fired in.

at last, he strengthened the case wall and head, and went with the small rifle primer to get as a lot case head strength as possible.  He lengthened the case slightly as well.  The weapons he put them in have been at the beginning modified Ruger single moves with custom cylinders.  This became before he and Wayne Baker created Freedom palms.

I actually have fired a number of of Freedom hands revolvers in .454 Casull, and they are all super weapons.  A Freedom arms mannequin eighty three in .454 Casull is a true homage to the master, but firing Casull’s cartridge in a Ruger single motion is a bit of like bringing the chicken lower back to the nest.

Casull’s technique potential that every .454 Casull-chambered revolver can additionally fire the .forty five Colt and .forty five Schofield cartridges.  For the business ammunition buyer, that offers you a very wide range of bullets, muzzle velocities, and recoil profiles. For the hand loader, you have got a truly extreme array of percentages.  i can hearth a one hundred eighty gr Cowboy motion Load at 660 fps and sweetness if the bullet in fact made it out of the barrel.  i will fireplace a tough solid 395 gr bullet at 1,300 fps, and beauty best on the vigour of the monster I actually have created.  And every little thing in between.

Red Deer taken with Ruger in .480 Ruger. (image courtesy JWT for

red Deer taken with Ruger in .480 Ruger. (image courtesy JWT for

For these of you who examine my overview of this same gun in .480 Ruger, you’ll admire all of the same regular aspects on this new revolver of mine, shop the caliber. They’re twin sisters (fraternal).

The tremendous Blackhawk Bisley consists of the same brushed stainless conclude throughout the gun.  this is basically a “working gun” finish.  you can still see somewhat of the “grain” within the steel, and besides the fact that children the conclude is even all over, there’s nothing special about it at all.  The Ruger Bisleys are probably the most excellent revolvers most people can afford, nevertheless it’s no longer as a result of Ruger spends a lot of time making them relatively.

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(photo courtesy JWT for

Following the utilitarian theme are the hardwood grips adorning the Bisley grip frame.  The healthy is k.  They overhang just a little on the entrance, one side more than the other, and the timber doesn’t quite meet up with the frame on the back.

although the timber-to-metallic healthy is simply suitable, the grip form itself is pretty much ideal.  Borrowing from the usual Colt Bisley goal revolver grip frame, Ruger better on this additional, making it the supreme grip for recoil discount.  Even with the .44 Magnum, most shooters discover a large growth in recoil administration with the Ruger Bisley frame over the typical plow address.  Some folks have a controversy with the trigger shelter hitting their center finger in recoil on the Bisley frame, however I haven’t had a priority with this.

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(image courtesy JWT for

one of the crucial susceptible elements on all adjustable sight Ruger single movements are the points of interest.  The entrance sight is a serrated black ramp.  On a gloomy target, or capturing in shadows, this tends to disappear, or at the very least loses its sharp edges. The Hunter models have an orange insert, but these fashions do not.

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(picture courtesy JWT for

The rear sight is likely one of the most often modified gadgets when customizing these guns.  That’s because it is additionally black and unmarked, so best worsens the complications of the entrance sight. They also appear to fluctuate largely with how elaborate they’re to regulate, and the way neatly the changes stay real under heavy recoil.  Heck, I’ve had a Single Six rear sight that comfortably would not hang nonetheless.  This one does.

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(image courtesy JWT for

one of the crucial excellent elements of these more moderen tremendous Blackhawk Bisleys within the heaviest calibers is the greater locking cylinder base pin protected correct from the manufacturing facility.  this is a must-have for any of the truly huge calibers, and ensures that the bottom pin won’t stroll out in heavy recoil.  The effects of this occurring run from demanding to catastrophic, so it’s exceptional that Ruger addresses this from the outset.

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(photograph courtesy JWT for

Of path, being a Bisley, not most effective do we see the distinct grip however additionally the reduced broad hammer spur.  These guns all include this welcome function.  With a deeply textured properly surface, this hammer is easy to get to even with heavy winter gloves on.

the only action trigger of the brand new mannequin Rugers are hardly the rest to crow about, but this one is a bit greater than others.  There’s slightly of squish, but appropriate behind that is a surprisingly easy set off. As a standard of five set off pulls, my Lyman digital set off scale places this .454 Casull New model super Blackhawk Bisley’s set off pull at 2lbs, 13oz.  i would have guessed lighter, and here’s possible the best of the Ruger single action triggers I bear in mind.  certainly the better of the ones I even have, and that i’ve acquired a bunch.

To include the gigantic pressure of the round, the cylinder has been bored to hold most effective 5 rounds.  this is definitely indispensable to include the .454 Casull, but it’s also first-class to grasp that a limiteless amount of very heavy .forty five Colt (25-30k psi) would never beginning to fatigue this cylinder.

(image courtesy JWT for

(graphic courtesy JWT for

as a result of the new models’ switch bar, that capability so you might fully load the cylinder each time, giving the gun the same true carrying potential as the normal Colt single motion cartridge revolvers.  There’s no deserve to load one, bypass one, and load 4 (or 3).

identical to the .480 Ruger I up to now reviewed, if you want greater than five full vigor .454 Casull hundreds to take anything else down, run. Run for your existence. You’ve picked a fight with Godzilla.

I put 200 rounds of industrial .454 Casull ammunition via this revolver.  I additionally threw a different 120 rounds of my own .forty five Colt handloads of varying pressures via it, after which 20 extra rounds of my own hand loaded .454 Casull desirable force loads through it.  I on no account had any issues with the gun in any way.  there were no disasters to load or fire, and all of the rounds ejected with an easy press of the ejector. The sights on no account modified and the bottom pin certainly not moved. The grips did loosen a bit of, but nothing a flip of the only middle screw didn’t repair.

all of the shooting turned into carried out inside every week’s time.  The revolver was well lubricated in advance of capturing, however now not lubricated or cleaned in any way during the assessment unless all the taking pictures became carried out and it become time for photographs.

I measured the cylinder hole and conclusion-shake on this gun both before and after shooting.  Neither changed.

To be fair, i used to be not in a position to exactly measure the end-shake (cylinder entrance to returned play) on this gun.  I don’t imply I don’t have the tools or don’t know the way, I mean it’s so minimal that not one of the tools I actually have turned into genuine enough to measure it.  That is very first rate information.

It’s incredibly infrequent to have a circular inside SAAMI specifications blow up a revolver.  That’s simply not how these guns die.  They shake themselves to loss of life. now and again this begins with extreme conclusion shake, where each round fired makes the issue worse.  With zero start on that from the manufacturing facility, and even after somewhat just a few rounds in a compressed period of time, I’m assured this firearm is able to outlasting a lifetime of taking pictures and looking. (As an apart, in case you want your revolvers to final, particularly your heavy recoiling weapons, be certain they are lubricated thoroughly. I shop a bit Lucas Oil tube in each of my revolver situations to be sure I don’t shoot them without checking lubrication.)

(image courtesy JWT for

(image courtesy JWT for

regrettably, the cylinder hole didn’t measure fairly as much as the same standards.  once I first saw it, i assumed “however gentle! What gentle through yonder window breaks?”  Measuring .009″ with a feeler gauge, it’s a long way too a great deal, and if this gun wasn’t headed to a smith for some work I’d send it again to Ruger to convey it down closer to .002″, or at the least to Ruger’s average .005″ish.

as it is, it’s robbing every cartridge of power. This was with ease born out on the chronograph, the place now not a single business circular fired reached within 50 fps of the advertised pace, and none of my reloaded rounds got here very close to what the mathematics mentioned will be the muzzle pace both.

seeing that I have a Ruger Blackhawk Bisley in .forty five Colt (as everyone should), i used to be able to shoot mild to heavy .45 Colt rounds aspect through side in each and every gun.  In every illustration, the smaller caliber Ruger, which has a plenty tighter cylinder gap, shot the identical bullet faster than the super Blackhawk Bisley.

here’s ordinary with the heavy cartridges, and much more principally for one with as an awful lot powder and as excessive pressures as the .454 Casull, a bigger cylinder hole like this bleeds powder.

The cylinder throats measure .456″ with a minus pin gauge.  this is acceptable, however I’d decide on them slightly tighter.   Any certified gunsmith can circulate the barrel in to reduce the cylinder gap, but no one goes to magically decrease these cylinder throats.  proper bullet selection might be key.

I anticipate this is relatively ordinary for these guns, as I hear and read most folks say their tremendous Blackhawk Bisley’s shoot .454 Casull cartridge a whole lot stronger than the reduce drive .45 Colts.  This isn’t constantly how it may still be.  greater pressures and extra gas customarily make for worse shooting, no longer more advantageous. Imperfections, particularly a less than perfect barrel crown, will actually display up the more gas is being pushed through them, so we would expect the .45 Colts to shoot more advantageous.  (for instance, is there any Single Six Convertible made that shoots the .22 WMR as good as it shoots the .22 LR?)

(image courtesy JWT for

(photo courtesy JWT for

the key to wringing essentially the most accuracy out of guns like these with wider throats and a bigger cylinder gap isn’t greater powder and pressure, it’s longer bullets nearer to the forcing cone that obturate the bore enhanced.

business Magtech 260gr jacketed soft point rounds scored the equal as Winchester’s 225 grain Defender jacketed hollow point circular, printing a standard of 3″ for 4 strings of five round groups when shot seated off baggage. Stepping up some in recoil and bullet weight, the HSM “bear Load” 325gr relocating at 1,300 fps averaged much improved, at 2.1″ on regular. here is good, but it surely can do more suitable.

The solid efficiency 300 grain flat nosed gasoline checked challenging solid lead bullet is my favorite for the heavy .forty five Colt.  I’ve taken deer, pigs, javelina, and a wide selection of varmints with this bullet in that up to now outlined .forty five Colt Ruger Blackhawk Bisley.  Loading that equal bullet into .45 Colt Starline circumstances and pushed by 23 grains of H110, my organizations shrank a bit greater, finally losing just barely below the 2″ mark.   Taking that same H110, but expanding it to 26 grains, and now pushing a good heavier solid efficiency 335 grain bullet with a liberal volume of gooey bullet lube, my agencies eventually shrank to the 1.7″ mark, on ordinary.

Any of those rounds fired by way of a reliable marksman, keep the Winchester Defender, would cleanly take any deer, pig, or black endure at 50 yards.  Any of the .454 Casull rounds would do the identical for Elk or Moose on the equal distance.  That 335 grain tough cast circular relocating over 1,300 fps would take any animal that walks on this or every other planet we are aware of.  I’d are expecting a circulate via on even a grizzly at 30 yards with that one, and it’s neatly under the maximum pressure restrict for the cartridge.

Given the background of the cartridge, and the way the Ruger single motion is linked directly to its delivery, the Ruger super Blackhawk Bisley in .454 Casull is a must have for any huge bore pistol aficionado. It’s additionally one of the crucial versatile cartridges available, and able to presenting the marksman with the pleasure of target capturing, or large video game hunting on any continent.

like all Ruger single movements, there’s no better beginning material for a truly world class gun.  I’ve obtained seven Ruger single moves with different smiths, and as soon as a couple of them come lower back, I’ll be having some work achieved on this one.  likely Hamilton Bowen’s “Perfected Bisley #3” equipment.  Given the ridiculous competitively priced of the gun to me, I’m nonetheless doing first-rate, cost-shrewd.  but however you left the gun manufacturing unit, it’s nevertheless an outstanding revolver, in a position to a lifetime of strong efficiency.

(image courtesy JWT for

(photo courtesy JWT for

Ruger super Blackhawk Bisley
Caliber: .454 Casull
capacity: 5
front Sight: Ramp
Rear Sight: Adjustable
Barrel length 6.50″
Grooves: 6
Twist: 1:24″ RH
cloth: chrome steel
conclude: Satin Stainless
Grips: Bisley Hardwood
overall length: 12.40″
Weight: 50.four oz.
MSRP: $1,049 (Lipsey’s broker exclusive)

vogue and look ***
Some do stainless greater than others.  Ruger’s brushed stainless conclude on all of their revolvers is good satisfactory.

Customization *****
There’s probably no different revolver out there that has been modified as a good deal as the Ruger single action. probably the Colt Single action military, but I doubt it.  Customization costs cash.

Accuracy ***
decent, however nothing dazzling.

Reliability *****
Ruger has accomplished well with these huge bore tremendous Blackhawks.  This one is not any exception.  it will run invariably.

average ***
The knowledge for this revolver is surprising. The disappointments are (in the main) with ease mounted. Ruger has made what become as soon as basically custom now inside notably effortless attain of the common handgun hunter and shooter, and finished it neatly ample to fulfill all however the pickiest of gun writers.