Seneca: Swords Don’t Kill americans, americans Kill individuals


Debbie W. says:

Like cockroaches leaving a trail there are hypocrites who run to regurgitate the slander and libel they’ve been fed during the last 4 years about the POTUS while giving the democRat celebration a complete flow. From hookers employed to pee on a mattress that b.h.obama and his spouse slept in to Russian collusion it’s been nothing however a concocted witch hunt that fools fell for hook, line and sinker. Their hypocrites’ silence about the sleaze of the democRat celebration is deafening.|

on account of its long, lengthy unforgivable racist past the democRat party should be background identical to the nazi birthday party is over its treatment of Jews, etc. It’s nothing new, the democRat birthday party once duped many americans into searching down on these with Black skin and now the democRat birthday celebration duped fools into slandering and libeling and hating a person with “Orange skin.”

Slander and libel and rigging elections had been tactics used through the democRat birthday party to preserve Black americans from running for public office or retaining public workplace. The defense force wing of the democRat celebration become the KKK and its intention changed into to keep guns out of the hands of Blacks who lived in concern for their lives. No mobile, no 911, no nothing to safeguard themselves. When the democRat celebration talks Gun manage they communicate about nothing new to the democRat celebration.

Jim Crow Gun control joe biden couldn’t run a simple lemonade stand much less assemble one. He has introduced himself as a ‘complicated man” all while he’s been a sleazebag pimping his incompetent son out to Ukraine, Russia and China. To get rid of President DJT by a fraudulent election and place the marxist lint licker sellout joe biden within the place of CINC is to pee on america. should this be the case the democRat birthday celebration can flow all of the BS it wants however first rate good fortune with implementing it. Payback is a bitch.