Georgia Runoffs in January: Gun Rights are on the Ballot. still. always.

As you surely know, the steadiness of power within the Senate is probably going to return down to two runoff elections in Georgia. a kind of is between Raphael Warnock (D) and incumbent Kelly Loeffler (R). handy for us, the daily Caller currently outlined some of Warnock’s anti-2d change screeds, including this gem:

Then they come up with all of these suave names, ‘Stand Your floor.’ No it’s no longer a stand your floor legislation, it’s a shoot first legislation. Shoot first, ask questions later. That’s why we’re here all over again.

— Raphael Warnock, Georgia Democratic senate candidate

needless to say, in case you’re looking to #gunvote you’ll are looking to vote Loeffler. in case you aren’t a Georgian, perhaps a donation(s) in what are prone to be probably the most most heavily-funded Senate races in U.S. background can be funds well spent.