New From Trinity Nevada: PiRho Sig Sauer P320 complete Slide

simultaneously cool, exciting, and eye-wateringly expensive, Trinity Nevada’s new PiRho slide for the SIG P320 elements a compensator machined at once into the barrel, which is in flip seamlessly integrated into the design of the slide. certainly here is a very slick design, nonetheless it comes at a value. Have a number in mind? ok . . .

It’s $1,645. Or in regards to the cost of three GLOCK 19s.

truthfully it’s no longer an entirely loopy rate factor considering all of what’s worried right here and the indisputable fact that it’s an entire, ready-to-shoot slide with points of interest and optics reduce, and many others. however . . . dayum.

if you’re on a budget, Trinity Nevada’s GLOCK slides are best $1,445 to $1,495.