Scope review: Kahles K624i 6-24×56 Rifle Scope

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Kahles is an Austrian optics maker that has been in the business considering that the nineteenth century. It’s now a sister enterprise of Swarovski, yet another maker of high high-quality optics and rifle scopes.

The Kahles K624i 6-24×56 rifle scope is supposed for attaining out and touching targets at lengthy levels, with its 34mm tube and large 56mm purpose lens.

One pleasing feature of the K624i rifle scope is that it’s obtainable with both a right- or left-facet windage turret. This specific scope got here with the windage turret on the left side, and the illuminated reticle adjustment on the correct. This makes it handy for a correct-surpassed shooter to dial for windage without breaking their grip on the gun with their powerful hand.

The lighted reticle turned into enormously crisp, and the adjustment is not without difficulty on/off, but allows lessen-to-better depth of illumination. I grew to become on the lighted reticle while sighting-in the rifle, simply so I may write that I used it. The readability of the K624i made the lighted reticle unnecessary during the sunlit days in which i used to be capturing.

one of the features I in reality appreciated about this riflescope changed into the combination of the parallax wheel into the elevation turret. I could make parallax changes at once, with no need to appear across the scope.

whereas we’re discussing the elevation turret, this riflescope changed into calibrated in MRAD, with every click on being 0.1 MRAD. although I choose thinking in MOA, it was handy for me to adapt to MRAD because I work with metric measurements on an everyday groundwork, and that i lived in Australia for six years where metric is king. despite the fact, I did have to think concerning the incontrovertible fact that 0.25 mils become roughly 1 inch at one hundred yards (basically, it’s roughly 1 inch at one hundred meters).

one other aspect of this scope that became useful was the proven fact that the reticle become within the 1st, as opposed to 2nd, focal airplane. This function makes it less complicated for my stories wherein I should shoot at quite a few distances – during this case one hundred, 200, 300 and four hundred yards. First focal plane is additionally extraordinary for looking, chiefly should you can be shooting at shorter or longer distances, and as a consequence may need to alternate the magnification. The a considerable number of MOA lines hold their values, at every power environment. So, the holdover traces remain static despite the degree of magnification.

latitude Time 

As outlined before, the rifle used for the K624i field test changed into an H-S Precision HTR mannequin rifle. It turned into chambered to .223 Remington. The ammunition used for the field examine became Hornady Varmint specific fifty five grain V-Max and become provided with the aid of Neal Emery of Hornady. As is my dependancy, I did not lock the rifle into a static rest or hearth from the susceptible position. instead, I used my sandbags and an Armageddon apparatus Waxed Canvas Optimized online game Changer bag to assist the forearm and butt of the rifle.

needless to say, due to my breathing, caffeine-triggered tremors, and many others, I in no way predict lead-sled accuracy from my field checks, but I decide on the realism. The YouTube video of the box test changed into recorded the usage of my I-mobile eleven pro related to a Longshot LR-3 goal camera.

After firing every shot, I adjusted the elevation or windage of the K624i by using 25 clicks (i.e. 2.5 MILS) for approximately a 10 inch deflection. The accompanying photo provides the order of firing of the sequential photographs.

surely, the ‘field’ isn’t completely square, however it is fairly low cost given the rest. The outcomes indicate naturally that the K624i windage and elevation changes are repeatable over the latitude of values used in this analysis.

specifications: Kahles K624i (6-24×fifty six Illuminated Reticle) Riflescope

usual size: 16 inches
purpose lens diameter: fifty six mm
Magnification: 6x – 24x
impact correction per click on: 0.1 MRAD
Adjustment latitude (E/W): 25.5 / 11.25 MIL
Eye reduction: 3.5 inches
field of view @a hundred-yards: 6x = 22 toes, 24x = 5.5 toes
Parallax adjustments: fifty five yards – ∞
Tube diameter: 1.3 inches
Weight: 33.5 oz.
Focal airplane: 1st
Illuminated: yes
warranty: 10 years
price (Retail): $2,699

rankings (out of five stars):

Glass exceptional * * * * *
like the previous three Kahles riflescopes with which I’ve labored, the K624i’s gentle gathering skill, transmission, sharpness and clarity had been spectacular. besides the fact that children I best used the K624i in full-solar, the other three Kahles scopes were used below loads of situations – low mild, overcast, etc – and like the K624i, they carried out extraordinarily smartly.

durability * * * * *
I didn’t run a examine by using hitting the K624i with a hammer. Neither did I ever drop the rifle on which it became mounted. youngsters, the changes all labored perfectly before and after a whole lot of pictures had been fired for the rifle evaluate.

Precision * * * * *
The magnification and diopter rings, elevation and windage turrets, the built-in parallax wheel and the lighted reticle adjustment wheel all labored smoothly. The elevation and windage turrets gave nice resistance that allowed ease of adjustment. The field verify indicated the precision to which these latter changes are manufactured.

Utility: * * * *
now not handiest I, however my wife Frances and a friend used this riflescope for accuracy assessments of the rifle on which it turned into established. We adjusted the magnification to permit photographs on each paper and metal ambitions at degrees of a hundred-400+ yards. the placement of the reticle into the primary focal plane made hold adjustments very easy. This should likewise be the case in the searching container.

The most effective intent I gave this a rating of four, rather than 5, stars is that for non-metric minded americans, it would probably be preferable to have the riflescope in MOA gadgets in preference to MRAD.

typical * * * * 1/2
The four Kahles riflescopes I actually have labored with thus far had been dazzling in all elements I mandatory to finished rifle reports. The K624i supplied awesome clarity and repeatability that afforded correct capturing at a considerable number of sized ambitions out to four hundred+ yards. My experience leads me to conclude that Kahles makes extremely excessive nice optics.

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All photographs and video courtesy the writer.