apparatus evaluate: Athlon Midas TSP3 Prism Scope

in one of the few firearms business fb agencies during which I partake, I saw a comment mentioning that GWOT-bros are on no account gonna recover from the ACOG. As a person who identifies with that remark, I ought to agree. I cherished my ACOG, and that i love low powered prism optics in everyday.

something concerning the simplicity of a hard and fast powered rifle optics just brings me high-quality pleasure. I have a familiarity with the concept, i will use the Bindon aiming approach, and the optic presents reasonable range performance with little weight and bulk. i like prism optics and the newest to slip across my desk is the Athlon Optics Midas TSP3. 

i was suitably impressed with the Athlon Optics 1-8X LPVO I reviewed a while in the past so I had high hopes going into the Midas TSP3. 

The Midas TSP3 Reticle

As average, for those who get a brand new optic with a less than primary reticle, you need to try it out. Most prism optics are equipped with a BDC-type reticle desirable to 1 circular and one barrel length.

The reticle in the Midas is an easy MOA reticle with 5 MOA between hash marks to measure drop. You’ll be able to do the math and determine what hashmark corresponds to your caliber’s drop price. 

As you’d imagine, the reticle is etched into the glass. this is super in case you don’t have confidence electronics. should the battery die or the electronics fail, you’ll nonetheless have a useable reticle. here’s some of the colossal benefits of a prism optic. 

Athlon Optics Midas TSP3 Prism Scope

Travis Pike for TTAG

The top a part of the reticle is a big ¾ quarter circle with a 1 MOA dot within the core. The big surrounding ring is relevant for close quarter’s use. It’s large, desirable, and when combined with a two-eye open capturing trend, that you can use the occluded shooting method to have what’s conveniently a purple dot. 

Athlon Optics Midas TSP3 Prism Scope

The Midas Athlon TSP3’s purple/green illuminated MOA reticle

At sixteen ounces, the 3X magnification Midas TSP3 is relatively light and compact and offers a set three vigour magnification. A 4x model — the Midas TSP4 — is also purchasable in the event you so select. The reticle is illuminated, and the end-user can choose between crimson or green illumination. 

Bang, Pow, and Pew

To celebrate the fact, the Midas TSP3 has a common MOA reticle and never a BDC dedicated to the 5.56 and AR-class rifle, I tossed the optic on my ol’ SIG SAUER 556R rifle and hit the range. I did some Googling and found that a 35/186-yard zero is pretty good for the 7.sixty two×39 circular. Zeroing is brief and simple with 1/5 MOA changes. My most effective criticism is that the changes present no audible clicks and tactile clicks are barely evident. 

Athlon Optics Midas TSP3 Prism Scope

Tethered, flat head caps are all you want for alterations (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The turret caps are tethered, and the precise offers you the flat head tool to make your changes. It’s the little things that please gun writers. It makes life more convenient and that i recognize that. After zeroing the optic, I moved between degrees from 25 yards to 300 yards. 

At 25 yards, I practiced some snapshots with a man-sized target. I used the massive round component of the reticle to goal straight away. With each eyes open, I concentrated on the goal and used the massive glowing reticle to vicinity my photographs. It’s not as quickly or as precise as a pink dot at close range, nevertheless it’s decent satisfactory for defensive work. I used this formulation of shooting with an ACOG for years and, with follow, it’s somewhat quick. 

Athlon Optics Midas TSP3 Prism Scope

an outstanding useless limb makes a very good rest for pictures my SIG 556R with the Athlon Midas TSP3 sight (Travis Pike for TTAG)

At 100 yards, I took a standing position and rang some metal the use of the 1 MOA middle dot. Ring a ding dong; the optic became crisp and clear for attractive my metal gong. I might see obviously, and the 3X magnification was best at this range. 

moving back to 300 yards was where it obtained complex. I’ve gotten a little greater follow due to the fact I’ve been writing for TTAG and trying out optics, so i used to be happy to look i used to be a little better at it. in line with Shooter’s Calculator, the drop is about 18 inches at 300 yards. So I aimed the use of the third hashmark, assuming the bullet would fall between the 2d and third hash mark. 

Athlon Optics Midas TSP3 Prism Scope

big buttons make alterations effortless (Travis Pike for TTAG)

after I took my time with the Midas TSP3, I may ring steel lots of the time. 3X is a little challenged at this distance, depending on the target. I couldn’t see the gong evidently, however I could see the VTAC Tactical target and my AR 500 IPSC style steel fella with out a great deal issue. I could also hit the steel goal more than I overlooked it. The gray goal looks a little muddle at this range, however the glass is obvious satisfactory for me to make it out. 

Carbine Optics

The glass isn’t as clear as an ACOG or a Nightforce, or some other $1K and up optic. youngsters, on the rate point of the Midas TSP3, the readability is impressive. i will shoot out to 1 / 4-mile, however i will pop the optic off and appear that a ways. Out to 500 yards, the glass is still constant and clear sufficient to look the details of a street sign, to inform a cellphone pole from a tree, and such and so. 

Athlon Optics Midas TSP3 Prism Scope

The SIG 556R is a weird rifle, but this optic works for it. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

within 500 yards, or more advantageous yet 300 yards, the Midas TSP3 is an excellent optic. It’s in your price range, in a position, and delivers a reticle that can also be used backyard of the usual carbine size 5.fifty six AR 15. if you’re a prism fan, you’ll just like the Midas TSP3, however I believe we prism fanatics can be a demise breed. if you like prisms like I do, let me know under, and let me understand which of them we should still are trying subsequent. 

requisites: Athlon Midas TSP3 Prism Scope

Magnification: 3x
goal Lens Diameter: 28 mm
container of View: @one hundred yards 32.5 feet
Eye aid: 3.2″
Reticle: TSP3 Prism Reticle
click price: 0.5 MOA
center peak: 1.39 inches
Battery: CR2032
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 5.1″x2.3″x3.0″
Weight: sixteen.0 ouncesc5a0e9b5c299ec39a2fb26fa8b1c0dcf)MSRP: $324.ninety nine (about $260 retail)

ratings (out of 5 stars):

Ergonomics * * * *
No primary concerns. The illumination alterations are huge and straightforward to access with respectable eye aid. The optic is compact and relatively lightweight, superb for use on a carbine. My most effective complaint is the adjustments aren’t audible and barely tactile. 

readability and FOV * * *
The Midas TSP3 is ready as clear as an optic receives at this expense point. The box of view may well be a little wider, certainly after the usage of the Swampfox Trihawk. inside a carbine’s useful range and this optic’s beneficial magnification, it’s clear satisfactory. 

Ease Of Use * * * *
I’m partial to the MOA reticle, and that i suppose the design is a superb one. It makes the optic more compatible with distinctive calibers and rifles devoid of being overly certain like a customary prism. The Midas TSP3 is effortless to make use of, but will require you to find out how your cartridge drops.

standard * * * *
The Athlon Midas TSP3 is an excellent funds prism sight for a lot of rifles. I’m going to scan with magnified optics on PCCs, and the MOA reticle makes it a more natural healthy. The Midas TSP3 is a hidden gem, and Athlon has performed an excellent job of designing a versatile, reasonably-priced carbine optic.