The precedent of the police no longer enforcing bullshit gun legal guidelines against the free guys of Virginia

in order some of you recognize, there changed into a virginia militia that did what we all should have had the balls to do.

they stood as much as the government in a peaceful peaceful manner,

so the story is, a militia peaceful protested in a “no gun zone” around the Richmond capital in Virginia, and once they did, the police didn’t do jack shit, they stood with the aid of why the “law” changed into damaged appropriate in front of them.

here is important because it proves that (for presently) legislations enforcement is never going to enforce their unconstitutional bullshit after we bring together.

THE POLICE won’t implement, OR try and enforce UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN laws after we gather

that means, when we peacefully collect, gun laws no longer exist except on paper

here is big, the free guys in Virginia acted and the govt backed down, here is what we should still be doing all over the place, asserting to the govt “good enough you have got your bullshit legal guidelines, implement them”

this shows that the govt is rarely willing to place or not it’s cash the place it be mouth is when it involves gun legal guidelines when we peacefully collect, greater importantly, this indicates that peaceful assembly can work as non violent resistance in opposition t bullshit gun laws.

we non violently, peacefully dis obeyed the legislation and it labored, i don’t encourage you to ruin the legislation, but if i did i’d motivate you to do it peacefully, since it works

but of route i don’t