vague Object of need: Remington model 241 Speedmaster .22 Rifle

every time I handle an ancient gun — and that i suggest an old gun — i wonder what firearms I’ll depart to my kids and grandkids. Will they’ve the same appeal and entertaining nature as a really ancient gun? How cool is an AR when there are tens of thousands and thousands of them?

I don’t believe an in herited AR will have the same form of historical faculty cool as the Remington 241 Speedmaster. The 241 is a John Moses Browning design, and the Browning SA-22, which continues to be offered, is well-nigh identical to it. This rimfire rifle is chambered in .22 LR and is a semi-computerized design.

The 241 changed the older Browning-designed mannequin 24 and become considered an stronger variant. It additionally accommodated more cartridges than .22 brief. Over one hundred,000 rifles have been produced, and this particular mannequin became in-built 1936.

believe it or not, the Remington 241 saw some defense force carrier. form of, anyway. Remington offered a number of thousand rifles to the military as practising rifles throughout World warfare II.

The Speedmaster is what made Remington wonderful (Travis Pike for TTAG)

This certain mannequin belongs to my female friend’s 99-12 months-historic grandfather, and it mandatory a very good cleaning, oiling, and some like to get it back into combating form. The precise photo suggests the proprietor’s top notch-granddaughter keeping it.

It vital some love (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The rifle had received a degree of floor rust, and a gooey mixture of gun oil and thick filth turned into gumming up the motion. after I acquired the Remington 241, the trigger, charging deal with, takedown nut, and defense have been all stiff and tough to movement. With some Hoppe’s No. 9, some very pleasant steel wool, an AP brush, and an historical T-shirt, I committed a day to cleansing and learning in regards to the Remington 241 Speedmaster.

Remington 241 Breakdown

as the words ‘takedown nut’ demonstrate, this is a takedown rifle, as are the Browning SA-22 designs. The massive change between the two rifles is the way you alter the barrels to healthy with the receiver. These devices are quintessential due to the takedown design.

The Browning design used an adjusting ring at the base of the barrel. The Remington 241 uses a double-sided nut. This selected mannequin had a nice tight healthy, so I left the screw neatly sufficient by myself. I’ve tousled a number of decent things attempting to make them greater.

Taken down and ready (Travis Pike for TTAG)

To take down the model 241, you pull a tab down and twist the barrel and forend. It pops correct off. well, it pops correct off now. After some oil and scrubbing, it’s quite easy and pops on and off with no trouble.

The identical could be pointed out for the takedown nut. It infrequently moved and took loads of drive, oil, and work to loosen it up.

The take down tab (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The Rimfire Remington

The Remington model 241 became produced in both .22 LR and .22 brief. This example is a protracted rifle variant. The design is slick and slim and it’s hard no longer to be charmed with the aid of it.

There is not any facet charging tackle or ejection port, and no below-the-barrel tube magazine. The rifle is terribly easy. The charging handle is greater of a tab and is placed on the backside of the receiver.

The model 241’s charging tab (Travis Pike for TTAG)

This area is additionally the ejection port. The magazine tube sits inner the stock, and also you load the gun through the stock. The rifle can grasp ten rounds of .22 LR.

The magazine tab (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The magazine Spring (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The 241 is terribly slim and weighs a mere six pounds. Admittedly you could make a .22 LR rifle lighter, and many have, but historical school cool potential old school weight. precise wood and a conspicuous lack of polymer suggest the gun feels very gun-like.

The journal tab (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The real timber inventory and forend feel, seem and even smell decent. Years of oil, use, and love have given the rifle’s furnishings a distinct patina of scratches gouges that supply it a definite appeal. this is no plasterboard stock we see on affordable “wood stocked” guns nowadays. here is true wood, and you’ll believe the difference.

attractive (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The Speedmaster’s barrel is somewhat lengthy at 23.5 inches, and it offers you a nice lengthy sight radius. The Remington 241 is topped with a group of open iron attractions and a really excellent and thin entrance sight. There doesn’t appear to be a method to connect an optic, and i would accept as true with no such motion despite the fact that there were. The sights aren’t exactly the excessive visibility, quick-on-target attractions you’d desire on a combat rifle. they’re small, thin, and perfect for precise plinking photographs.

placing the long in long rifle (Travis Pike for TTAG)

Bootin’, Scootin’, and Shootin’

talking of capturing, the gun functioned completely. The semi-automatic motion cycled via all ten rounds as quick as I may squeeze the trigger. briefly, the gun lived up to its Speedmaster name.

whereas it appears foolish throughout an ammo drought to waste gun meals, you best are living as soon as, and i knew my time with the Remington 241 Speedmaster can be brief. I fired practically a complete container of Federal Automatch, and the gun labored with out difficulty.

The long barrel offers you a long sight radius (Travis Pike for TTAG)

As you’d imagine, this sleek rifle handles like a kitten. Recoil and muzzle upward thrust were that of any .22 LR. The attractions are small, however they make it handy to hit your target. I popped off at paper pursuits, metal goals, and, of path, soda cans. The little Remington 241 proved to be plenty correct, and i felt even more desirable about leaving the adjustment nut alone.

The size of pull feels slightly lengthy in comparison to most .22 LR rifles, and it’s about 13.5 inches long. The forend feels brief, as I’m used to a more forward grip. despite the fact, as a .22 LR, none of these problems are precise concerns. The gun is effectively shootable and a lot of enjoyable on the range. Loading is fundamental, and the tab charging machine is unusual but usable.

The owner’s remarkable grandaughter could not wait to shoot the 241 (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The Remington 241 would most certainly carry domestic a whole lot of small video game to a hungry family unit, train children the way to shoot, and is a superb working gun. i like historical guns and my time on the range with this one. It’s easy to assert Remington sucks at the moment, nevertheless it’s an awful lot more durable to assert anything else unhealthy a couple of Remington rifle constructed circa 1936.