Optic review: primary palms GLx 6-24x50mm Scope with Athena BRP-MIL Reticle

past this 12 months I reviewed the fundamental fingers GLx 2.5-10X44mm riflescope and introduced it as the sub $1,000 optic to beat.  That remains very plenty my hardly ever humble opinion.  That scope is likely as a good deal as many hunters and shooters would ever need, as would serve them very well.

but there’s a lot of people who need to push it out a little farther, who need a larger goal and extensively extra magnification for actual photographs.  a variety of those same individuals don’t have the cash for a brand new Leupold Mk V HD 5-25mm scope. For them, the basic fingers GLx 6-24×50 FFP riflescope with their Athena BPR-MIL reticle is simply the issue.  This scope is each bit nearly as good because the decrease energy version I reviewed prior this yr, however greater suited to the precision rifle shooter needing to attain out slightly additional.

Primary Arms GLx 6-24X50FFP (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

fundamental arms GLx 6-24X50FFP (picture courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

this is the identical first rate glass I’ve considered within the previously reviewed scope.  Take a look on the above image.  here is about as unhealthy of a set up and conditions as that you would be able to get.  simply after break of day on a wet morning, at 20X. The rock pile you see is about 800 yards away. The photo was interested by my digicam cell held up freehand behind the glass, so there’s some focal point and light-weight lost there. you could see the readability of the glass and the outstanding easy transmission. For this expense, this Philippines made scope has some of the superior glass on the market.

This scope comes with the same Athena BPR-MIL reticle I favored on their PLx collection scope. I’m nonetheless shooting that one on a SCAR 20S and loving it. this is the first advanced reticle I’ve found worth spending the time it takes to grasp.

There’s a lot of assistance provided for shooters who’re willing to dedicate the time to memorizing the reticle.  The center section is an open chevron. This permits the tip of the chevron to be used as a 6 o’clock dangle on the target, so you get a really first-rate point and under no circumstances obscure the goal itself. To the left and appropriate are dots and hashes, and beneath is the now general Christmas tree for conserving each windage and elevation on the identical time.  once memorized, this reticle allows the shooter to very instantly interact distinct objectives, as well as cuts down dialing time to, well zero.

The higher left of the reticle contains a ranging ladder, usual in many defense force themed scopes.  Deployed in Afghanistan, I found these ranging ladders (mine turned into on the ACOG) extremely helpful, however not for my very own capturing. They provided close satisfactory dimension to relay returned to the belt fed guns and the Mk19 to have interaction rapidly.

For precision taking pictures, they count on figuring out your target dimension. For target taking pictures, this works smartly, as you regularly be aware of the target dimension.  For hunting, it’s only so constructive, as game measurement degrees so a lot.  for example, White Tail deer can latitude from 14″ to 20″ from belly to again, depending on age, sex, and vicinity.  I even have two taxidermied coyotes taken off the equal land. One is 17″ from shoulder to rump, the different is 20″.

here is a primary Focal aircraft scope, so the reticle will dimension with the magnification, which enables for a similar ranging concepts at any magnification.  This does suggest that you may additionally must dial lower back the magnifications in order for you lots of windage on small objectives far-off in order to see the substentions.  As all the time, there’s a compromise for every thing.

Primary Arms GLx 6-24X50FFP (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

simple hands GLx 6-24X50FFP (photo courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

As I have done with previous simple palms Scopes, I checked to be sure the turrets had been accurate and lower back to zero.  I did this through an easy container examine, but also simply turning each turrets all the way, every method, 10 instances for each and every turret.  I lower back it to zero and then shot a circular at a target 100 yards away.  My round landed inside an inch of the circular I shot in advance of relocating the turrets within the first area.

retaining the set-up simple, I left the target at a hundred yards, and marked two horizontal lines 18″ apart.  I aimed toward the bottom one, dialed 5 mils up, and shot a round. It landed inside an inch of the proper line.  I did this a couple of instances each and every approach, and then did the identical with the windage.  The turrets track.

They additionally circulation rather slightly.  There’s 17.7 mils of elevation adjustment and 11.eight mils of windage.  Assuming you are capturing standard M118LR ammo from a 20″ rifle and zeroed at one hundred yards, you’ll be previous 1,200 yards before you run out of elevation. And that’s within the unlucky and not going case that you’ve got a flat mount with zero angle and also you aren’t using the further 16 mils of elevation attainable in the reticle.  without doubt, flatter shooting rounds than the historic, fats, and slow .308 Winchester will have even less of an argument.

similar to the smaller GLx scopes, the 6-24X50 is filled with solid points.

Primary Arms GLx 6-24X50FFP (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

basic arms GLx 6-24X50FFP (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

The windage and elevation turrets every have a button release/lock.  The turrets movement neatly, and i would discover it unlikely that they would circulation inadvertently, and although so they return to zero with a nil stop.  briefly, the turrets release/lock buttons are satisfactory, however pointless. seeing that they don’t require a tough push or cling that could move the glass off target all the way through manipulation (like most pull-up models) I’m first rate with them.

Primary Arms GLx 6-24X50FFP (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

simple hands GLx 6-24X50FFP (photo courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

additionally, identical to the old GLx scope, the parallax knob is neatly done, however complicated to show out-of-the-container.  just flip it a bunch appropriate upon opening and the difficulty resolves.

You’ll also find the equal top notch illumination controls on the left aspect, with the equal normal battery, and the “off” between each and every atmosphere.  The illumination does dial down enough, and the illuminated reticle is sharp ample, that it capabilities acceptably well on the lower magnification powers with an AN PVS 14 evening vision monocular.

Primary Arms GLx 6-24X50FFP (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

simple fingers GLx 6-24X50FFP (picture courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

Positioning the monocular and mounting it within the appropriate spot at the back of the glass can also be a tedious method. The image above is the illumination on the bottom nighttime imaginative and prescient atmosphere as seen through my monocular, internal a closet.

Primary Arms GLx 6-24X50FFP (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

fundamental palms GLx 6-24X50FFP (photo courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

And similar to before, the scope comes with Butler Creek lens caps right from the company.  other than a scope stage and rings, the scope is brilliant as soon as you buy it.

Primary Arms GLx 6-24X50FFP (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

primary fingers GLx 6-24X50FFP (picture courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)

The magnification adjustment ring on the GLx line is in contrast to any other, and smarter. It strikes well and stays in place, but it additionally has an adjustable raised element for simpler stream when you are at the back of the glass. This section will also be moved on the ring to superior suite the needs of the shooter.

One factor that surprised me become the eye relief.  here is a further area the place price range scopes are inclined to go awry, but the GLx has 3.5″ at its maximum magnification. now not bad at all. That makes getting in the back of the scope and ready to shoot quickly and repeatable.

With a 50mm goal, the scope makes it possible for for an outstanding container of view and good light. The downside is that it isn’t small or lightweight. At 24.5oz, it’s neither the heaviest, or the lightest in the classification.

The basic hands GLx 6-2450mm is every bit nearly as good because the previous GLx line I reviewed so incredibly.  This one’s simply larger, and contains the Athena BPR-MIL reticle I liked so much on their PLx line.

standards: fundamental arms GLx 6-2450mm with Athena BRP-MIL

click cost: 0.1 Mil
Exit scholar Diameter: Low: eight.10 mm / excessive: 2.20 mm
Eye relief: Low: 3.60 in / excessive: 3.50 in
box View one hundred; Low: 15.20 ft / excessive: 4.20 feet
Focal plane: First Focal aircraft
Illuminated: Full Illumination
maximum Magnification: 24
minimal Magnification: 6
evening vision appropriate: yes
objective Diameter: 50mm
Reticle: Athena BPR MIL
Reticle class: MRAD
total Elevation Adjustment: 17.5 MIL
complete Windage Adjustment: 11.6 MIL
Tube Diameter: 30mm
Weight: 24.5 Oz.
MSRP: $799 (actual buy price on fundamental hands website)

ranking (out of 5 stars):

usual * * * * *
most beneficial in class by slightly. here’s the 2nd of the GLx line I’ve reviewed, and the one with the greatest objective and optimum magnification.  It’s very magnificent this stage of excellent is out at such a low expense.