Armed Philly Restaurant client Shoots and Kills Robber Who Pointed a Gun at Him

interestingly affected by a late evening longing for hen wings, a 27-year-historic Philadelphia man walked into a local WingStop restaurant simply after 10:00 pm Sunday night, handiest to discover a theft in progress. An unidentified 53-year-historic had pulled a gun and demanded all the funds in the joint.


“(He) walked in, went at the back of the counter, announced a robbery and asked for the entire funds,” said Philadelphia Police department Chief Inspector Scott Small.

before the three personnel who had been interior could conform to his calls for, a client walked in speaking on his mobile phone.

When the stick-up man pointed his gun at the hungry client, who had a valid hid raise license, the brand new arrival drew his own firearm and shot the robber once in the neck. He quickly started to anticipate room temperature.

The client, who does have a sound allow to carry a weapon, stayed on the scene and cooperated with police.

“We do have his weapon. We understand that’s just one shot was fired from that customer as a result of we discovered one spent shell casing on the flooring on the client aspect of the counter,” noted Small.

Yet an extra a success protecting gun use — a crime in development stopped — through a law-abiding gun owner. It’s well-nigh as if this form of element happens always. Oh wait…it does.