A Warning From a Cuban Immigrant About Gun Registration and Confiscation

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cuba revolution

A insurrection protect stands beside the desk of former dictator Fulgencio Batista interior the Presidential Palace in Havana, Jan. four, 1959 after modern forces took over the building. (AP image)

Reader Leo R. writes . . .

while i was born within the united states, my father was a political refugee from Cuba. He informed me a narrative about my grandfather and his guns for you to stay with me continually.

He said to me . . .

Son, I see issues are taking part in out right here in the united states just as they did returned in Cuba when i was a toddler. do you know your grandfather had a .44 magnum revolver? Your grandfather had loads of firearms together with a western-trend lever action rifle, a .38 revolver and a few shotguns.

One time, he sat me down and noted, “Hijo, you know all the weapons that I have…those that I promised can be yours some day? I’m going to have to provide them up. i will be able to’t hold that promise to you, I’m sorry.”

My father, who became eight years ancient at the time, spoke back, “but you promised. Why would you try this?”

My grandfather mentioned, “Hijo, please remember that it’s no longer secure for me to keep them. If I don’t give them up, they’re going to come for them. Then they’ll arrest me and you may lose your father and the guns.

“If I surrender them now, we will plan to leave for the us. My weapons are useless. they have banned the entire ammunition. I don’t even have bullets for almost all these guns.

“listen to me. we can birth in all places in the us.”

I didn’t query him. i used to be sad and upset, however I understood.

My grandfather did as he mentioned. He surrendered all of his firearms to the communist police. almost immediately thereafter, the family unit fled Cuba for the united states.

My father instructed me he sees the equal thing that took place to him as a child in Cuba going on right here now. He sees ammunition long past from store cabinets. Then, he says, after they get us to register our guns, they’re going to force us to turn them in. And once they do that, this country will fall to socialism.

Raul Castro, left, more youthful brother to Cuban chief Fidel Castro, has his arm around second-in-command, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Argentine national, in their Sierra de Cristal mountain stronghold south of Havana, Cuba, all through the Cuban revolution in June 26, 1958. (AP picture/Andrew St. George)

He informed me it breaks his heart to look this nation, the closing bastion of freedom, the lighthouse of liberty to the world, slipping towards socialism. As he instructed me the story about my grandfather, I hung on every of my father’s words as if i used to be eight years ancient, instead of simply a couple of days shy of my 49th birthday. and i realized that he’s correct.

We ought to under no circumstances register our firearms. We should under no circumstances surrender our weapons. americans need to rise up and offer protection to our charter, offer protection to our liberty and our freedoms for the generations to return.

I took an oath within the US Navy Reserve to protect and shield the constitution from enemies international and domestic. That oath didn’t come with an expiration date.

God bless the us of the united states, the charter and the President. thank you George Washington, James Madison and the entire proud guys and ladies who’ve sacrificed every thing to supply us our freedom and independence.

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