yes, the old seem to be and feel is back…for Now

computer system fail


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As we expected, we acquired a lot of passionate comments on the brand new look and feel of the website that appeared past this week. a few of it changed into complimentary, some not so plenty. And final night — poof! — the ancient web site design magically reappeared.

We had a few behind-the-scenes difficulties that required taking down the brand new seem and bringing back the old one. Our technologically adept IT gnomes are, even as we talk, busily banging away at their keyboards someplace within the super-secret, socially distanced dungeon by which TTAG continues them chained to their desks and (every so often) fed. Don’t be troubled, they get further rations across the break season.

lengthy story brief, the new seem will make a reappearance once the naughty little gnomes fix these issues. We’ll even be implementing a number of of the tips some of you so helpfully contributed while the new site design was up.

in the intervening time, thanks to your endurance as we work to enrich the site. We admire it greater than you understand.

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