Salon: Litigation Stops the Gun trade from Catering to unhealthy Guys With weapons

Ghostly Gun

Ghostly Gun by means of Carl “undergo” Bussjaeger

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There’s an important public policy aim in bringing this lawsuit, [Brady chief counsel Jonathan] Lowy argued. “although it’s obvious that ghost weapons arm bad criminals and damage innocent americans, the companies that make and sell ghost guns make earnings with out bearing any of the charges,” he referred to. “That’s why it’s critical that they be held dependable to victims. We hope to set up a felony precedent that ghost gun corporations can be held accountable for injuries and deaths they trigger, to bring some civil justice to these innocent victims, and to lead groups to promote guns more responsibly.”

The three cases mentioned above are hardly ever exhaustive. one more case whose contract should still be announced quickly involves an additional gun trade loophole customized-made for the “unhealthy guy with a gun”:  reproduction vintage black powder weapons (that are then again completely practical). collectively, what these situations reveal is how deeply dishonest the “good man with a gun” rhetoric really is. It’s not that such americans don’t exist. but they’re not the people the NRA and the gun business had been looking for.

somewhat the opposite: They’ve been used as human shields to fend off gun safeguard activists and in your price range rules, while the “bad man with a gun” demographic has been catered to for a long time, as the body count continues to develop. With the NRA in crisis and the business’s PLCAA bulwark teetering, the time is ripe for a ancient, responsibility-concentrated shift in gun policy. And the fact that Congress remains paralyzed not matters all that a lot. trade is coming anyway. perhaps it already has.

— Paul Rosenberg in real gun reform devoid of Congress: court cases demolish the “decent guy with a gun”

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