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in case you live in and love the firearms lifestyle, you expect the identical fundamental accountability — to preserve your firearms faraway from individuals (children, criminals, crazies) who shouldn’t have access to them. A gun secure will do that job for you, however how to select one? listed below are some helpful tips.

size matters

I’ve owned a Liberty touchpad-open gun safe in burgundy-and-brass for 20 years now, and it has sat within the corner of my workplace, quietly doing its job devoid of complaint all that time. The closest contemporary equivalent is Liberty’s Presidential sequence 25.

Liberty Presidential sequence

I also developed a hidden gun room as soon as I ran out of storage within the safe. I erred through now not buying adequate capability at the beginning.

rationale: What you don’t plan for — or at the least I didn’t — changed into how much other stuff will finally end up within the safe. sure, I actually have a bunch of firearms in it, but there’s also all our crucial vehicle and residential files, some cash, other own files, some ammo for the firearms within the safe, and various different chocolates.

additionally, my son and daughter have their firearms within the secure as neatly because they live in gun-restrictive states. They may also certainly not be able to possess their current semi-auto rifles and shotguns except they move returned to Texas, so I’m protecting them indefinitely, maybe a lifetime.

Door organizers can assist cut down the muddle handguns may cause, but there’s no substitute for quantity.

I’d say the smallest protected most gun owners will look at for their storage needs, reckoning on their circumstance, is a 24-gun protected, or more accurately, one that holds 24 long weapons.

preserving things ‘secure’

A first rate secure needs to be durable sufficient to resist essentially the most normal sorts of attacks: removing and sidewall penetration.

To start with the latter, the freedom has ample sidewall thickness to satisfy me. It’s 7-gauge solid steel, but I accept as true with at least 10- to eleven-gauge metal is adequate and much more reasonable. What you’re attempting to buy is ample electricity that it’s drill-resistant or can fend off a person attempting to puncture the sides with other equipment, corresponding to an ax or sledgehammer. with a bit of luck, you don’t store your acetylene torch within the same place as your secure.

Kodiak 20-Gun lengthy secure (KSB5928EX-SO)

a number of safes from main makers (Liberty Gun protected 1776 sequence 23, the Browning Sporter, and the Kodiak KSB5928EX-SO meet the capacity and side-thickness minimums above and gained’t ruin the financial institution.

simple removing is a bigger problem than you might feel. If q thief who has focused you has the skill to slide the secure right into a pickup bed, then he can open it with greater aggressive capacity at another vicinity.

Liberty 1776 sequence 23

I had my secure bolted to the flooring on a second story. a person who wants what’s in it has a tricky task of tearing it from the flooring and getting it down the stairs. probably too tough a job for many thieves. (Handgun safes may still get the same treatment.)

Of route, that always suggests expert setting up. I had mine moved up the steps with the aid of a local installer and bolted into location on beginning. in case you plan to position your protected on the floor flooring of your home, you in fact should still have it bolted down, or somebody can quite simply winch it into a automobile and go to work on it in other places. Or, if the secure is mild ample, the thieves also can use a hand truck to circulation it out of the constructing.

A attorney i know put two 50-gun safes in his storage, each bolted to the ground, side with the aid of side. easily, they feature as a very-elaborate-to-eliminate 100-gun protected. He bought Browning Medallion sequence.

Browning Medallion collection M49T

subsequent, The Closure

So, you’ve obtained a large-ample secure with partitions which are thick ample to face up to assault. It’s bolted right down to prevent it from being kidnapped. Now, how in regards to the door?

You don’t desire it to be easy to open, so study how it is built within the important areas of locking bolts, hinges, and the lock type.

My Liberty has interior hinges that can’t be gotten to from the backyard. additionally, the steel door itself is as heavy a gauge because the sides, so there’s no flexing or weak point in the front itself. additionally, the door is sunk into the secure body, which makes it greater problematic to pry on. earlier than buying your secure, make sure there’s enough physique steel under the door-seal lip itself, and that the part doesn’t have any flex or wiggle.

Then, consider the bolts that healthy into the protected’s body at the excellent, latch aspect, and backside. You want as many locking features as possible at the back of the door jamb to retain the door face from without difficulty being ripped off.

next, you’ll should opt for a manual mixture lock, an electronic lock, or a biometric lock. Many shooters prefer a mechanical lock because, just like the argument over red dots and iron attractions, they don’t want a lock powered via batteries that can fail.

because I meant to be out and in of the protected lots whereas I had little ones within the apartment, and part of my home-defense firearms were within the protected, i used to be greater concerned about how gradual the manual lock was to function, so I selected an digital model that had a six-digit opening sequence.

I’ve needed to change the batteries a couple of instances through the years, which I admit is a PITA because the fragile wires beneath the keypad pulled unfastened from the connections, but i am going several years between vexations caused by means of the battery updates. YMMV.

As I’ve seen protected features over the years, I’ve observed how various biometric opens have come onto the scene. I’ve tried them on brief-entry safes and they’ve often labored. Frankly, I’m now not sold on them yet because I’ve been avoided from opening some safes on account of a wonky alignment or soiled fingers. but they do present velocity of entry and enable for storing several fingerprints if you need others to have entry to the protected.


Thefts and fires that damage firearms do take place, however each issues are sporadic. Rust isn’t. You comfortably ought to take steps to manage corrosion inside your secure or you’ll wind up harmful your firearms.

if you consider about it, safes will lure moisture interior as a result of their very design makes air flow complicated. To combat corrosion, you should clean and dry your firearms before putting them away. That wet duck gun can put water into the air in the safe and have an effect on the other gadgets in there.

TTAG has a number of articles on the basics right here, right here, and right here, or search the web page for “the way to clean your guns” to get a full lineup.

destroy-Free Gun Collectors’ upkeep package

For weapons that could be in the protected for extended intervals, clear them as you at all times would and observe a long-term answer to give protection to them. that you may locate a few choices at Brownells, but i like the destroy-Free Gun Collector’s protection kit and Boeshield T-9 water resistant Lube.

Brownells Gun Socks

the usage of Brownells Gun Socks will protect your weapons from scratches and dings going in and out of the secure, and the fabric is handled with silicone that inhibits rust and the material wicks moisture far from metal surfaces. Of route, an in-safe dehumidifier is a good suggestion, too.

using adjustable shelving and racks within the safe interior can additionally aid hold corrosion down. by means of keeping apart the a lot of firearms in the secure, it’s less difficult to preserve song of them and hold them away from each and every different.

Wrapping Up

I didn’t contact on hearth-resistant specifications for safes since the makers promote many puzzling claims about fireplace ratings, and a more robust hearth secure adds bucks outdoor the job of combating unauthorized entry. however, in regularly occurring, more suitable fireplace coverage ability a stronger secure, so if you’re prepared to spend the dollars for superior insurance policy in opposition t a gun fire, go for it.

With the information above, you’ll be on the hook for someplace around $1100 to $1600 for a huge-satisfactory heavy-obligation secure with a lock trend you decide upon and a lifetime warranty, because this buy is often with you for that lengthy. There are each American-made fashions and international gadgets in a colour range from matte black to gray to cream white, whichever you decide upon.

and you may improve from there. however even if you could’t buy the “most reliable” secure viable, then purchase something. Securing your firearms is a responsibility all gun house owners may still accept. basically, some states, similar to California, mandate criminal penalties for criminal storage of a firearm.

So don’t be “that man” who didn’t take the right steps to maintain the inaccurate individuals from getting your weapons. together with your protected, you’ll get some peace of intellect together with your new gun storage.

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