Gun review: SIG Sauer 1911 Fastback Emperor Scorpion elevate

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occasionally life leads us to a device or person we by no means concept we might have cared for. For many years I’ve carried a 1911 pistol, beginning with the Colt, custom upgrades to the Colt, and later Springfield, Wilson fight, Dan Wesson and others. The commander-measurement SIG 1911 Fastback Emperor Scorpion elevate (there’s a govt size Emperor Scorpion, too) is about as far from the original 1911 design as you could get and nevertheless be regarded a 1911.

I even have owned a couple of SIG 1911 handguns. amongst my favourite carry guns have been the SIG Fastback Nightmare elevate and an original GSR elevate Stainless. The blocky slide of the GSR became designed to resemble the SIG P sequence weapons. while diverse, the fashioned design demands a specific holster. SIG now offers a traditional slide that slips readily into average 1911 holsters.

The subject of this evaluation is a stainless steel commander size pistol with a flat dark earth PVD conclude. The colour appears to be a mixture of brown and green. The black G10 grips and black controls make for a pleasant distinction. however it isn’t all about looks. The pistol points both forward and rear cocking serrations.

The 1911 Fastback Emperor Scorpion carry features an ambidextrous frame security. The grip defense is well designed to funnel the hand into a snug, excessive grip. The grip defense releases its hang on the set off about half method into its trip. here’s the proper set-up for a high quality 1911 carry pistol.

The mainspring housing is checkered for a company grip, as is the entrance strap. once you have skilled appropriately carried out front strap checkering it’s intricate go with out. set off compression is a pointy 5.2 kilos. As you’d are expecting with a great 1911, the set off motion is clean and reset quick. The controls, the slide lock and journal seize…all function accurately.

The pistol points an exterior extractor, a departure from the usual 1911. The SIGLITE attractions are a superb design for carry and have tritium vials in a basic three-dot pattern.

acquiring this pistol is the outcome of slightly of residence cleansing. I had received a new government mannequin .45 and elected to let another go. i finished up trading for the SIG which is how it constantly goes. The SIG came  in a tough case with a Wilson fight compensator and a spare .forty caliber barrel.

sure, the SIG changed into a .357 SIG, a rarity in my part of the realm within the 1911 layout. The .40 S&W barrel is a bull barrel and the fellow who traded it in to the store failed to provide the whole-size book rod vital to make the .forty barrel work.

no longer that it mattered. I haven’t any want for the .forty barrel. Even in the core of the latest ammunition scarcity .357 SIG ammo isn’t complicated to achieve. Two Wilson combat bumper pad magazines, marked .40 S&W were also presented with the pistol. I didn’t know what to are expecting, but I figured it wouldn’t be boring.

I had zero rounds of ammunition for the .357 SIG on hand, but managed to prefer up a fifty-round box of SIG Sauer FMJ and a twenty circular container of Hornady 147 grain XTP. at the range i used to be stunned and completely happy. After evenly lubricating the barrel hood, bushing, and the slide rails, I loaded the magazines and started at seven yards. The .357 SIG rounds have slightly of flash and a roar, but recoil wasn’t unpleasant.

9 The 147 grain XTP, left, offers deep penetration. The SIG JHP, right, one hundred twenty five grains, offers rapid enlargement

The SIG’s recoil spring is properly regulated to handle the Emperor Scorpion’s recoil impulse. The pistol put a full journal into the X ring. I backed up to ten yards after which fifteen. The pistol is remarkably convenient to get hits with. I settled into an outstanding braced place across the bed of the truck and fired 5 pictures at 15 yards. All were headquartered and in a pleasant two-inch community.

The SIG 125 grain FMJ clocks in at 1390 fps and strikes the point of goal. The Hornady 147 grain XTP, at 1245 fps, strikes simply beneath the point of goal for me. Later i used to be able to attain a provide of the SIG Sauer a hundred twenty five grain JHP which averaged 1342 fps and is as accurate as any .357 SIG load I’ve tried thus far.

i was shocked at the handy accuracy. The pistol is quick managing, quickly to an correct first shot, and very controllable in quick fireplace. Absolute accuracy is good. As a lift gun the Emperor Scorpion has a whole lot advantage.

I carried the pistol within the EZ elevate from Jeffrey customized leather-based. while the spring metal belt clip is relaxed, it’s handy on and off as smartly. It could be carried inner the waistband or between the belt and the trousers in a physique-hugging healthy. i love this holster a great deal it looks a perfect healthy for concealed lift with a commander 1911. It doesn’t give way on the draw and there is a developed-in sight rail.

The bobtail medicine on the Emperor Scorpion’s grip makes concealment less demanding, at the least in case you don’t use an incredible base pad on the journal. i admire the 9-round magazine, however flush fit might possibly be greater for generic raise applications. The rounded grip additionally tends to healthy most hands better.

The SIG 1911 Fastback Emperor Scorpion lift is light enough (for a 1911) at about 36 oz loaded. The pistol makes use of a barrel bushing and disassembles in the common 1911 manner. The ramped barrel is neatly outfitted to the bushing and the barrel lugs are tight in the slide.

I have been reluctant to adopt a 1911 in any caliber aside from .45 ACP. The .357 SIG is now an exception. I still have quite a lot of bark left however the 10mm is slightly tough on my wrists and i don’t have faith the 9mm’s wound competencies. The SIG Fastback Emperor Scorpion appears to be among the many most beneficial pistols if its size for hid elevate and i don’t have any qualms with the .357 SIG for private protection. The pistol isn’t low priced however it’s smartly value its expense.

requirements: SIG Sauer 1911 Fastback Emperor Scorpion elevate

Caliber: .357 SIG (which you can get it in .45 ACP, too)
capability: 9+1 rounds
typical length: 7.7 in.
Width: 1.four in.
top: 5.5 in.
sights: 3 dot SIGLITE tritium evening attractions
fee: about $1150 retail

ratings (out of 5 stars):

Reliability * * * * *
ideal, with out a disasters to feed, chamber, fire or eject. whereas the writer has only fired 320 rounds, total, in this pistol coupled with the SIG 1911’s recognition for reliability here’s a pistol you may additionally reasonably bet your life on.

Accuracy: * * * * *
In fight accuracy the pistol is extraordinary with decent handle and quick observe up photographs are with ease controlled. In absolute accuracy the pistol is greater accurate than most Commander classification 1911 handguns.

dealing with and Ergonomics * * * * *
Even for a 1911 this pistol excels. The controls are an growth over the common and the existing crop of 1911s as well.

concealed elevate * * * * *
no longer many pistols raise and conceal in addition to a 1911. The commander measurement Emperor Scorpion with it’s bobbed grip is most fulfilling.

Overal * * * * *
There isn’t a lot to fault here. SIG Sauer’s made this commander-size 1911 one of the most appropriate, most concealable EDC pistols that you would be able to purchase. It just does everything correct.

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