Gun assessment: Cimarron ‘Evil Roy’ Single motion Revolver in .45 Colt

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Cimarron Evil Roy Single Action Revovler (image courtesy JWT for

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The Cimarron Firearms Evil Roy single motion revolver by Uberti isn’t a “race-equipped” revolver. It’s a win-the-race-in a position revolver, correct out of the container.

Gene “Evil Roy” Pearcey, is a well known Cowboy motion shooting national and world champion. He’s some of the celebrities at Single action taking pictures Society affiliated fits, and runs a taking pictures faculty focused on cowboy capturing right here in Texas. Cimarron Firearms has partnered with Evil Roy to comprise the features he finds essential for success in the online game.

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The Evil Roy revolvers aren’t dramatically diverse from the typical Uberti pre-battle framed guns made to duplicate the common single action Colts. And that’s decent, as a result of if they had been, they wouldn’t be criminal for competition. There are only a couple of adjustments that set these weapons other than the in any other case inventory models.

probably the most evident are the grips. The Evil Roy weapons come with what’s frequently referred to as “gunfighter” style two-piece checkered grips. The butt of the grips is an identical width because the usual model, however they slender during the palm in comparison to my Uberti Cattleman Pre-warfare and my ancient mannequin.

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when I bought into Cowboy motion shooting earlier this yr, a lot of americans gave me tips on my weapons.  a few of  that tips is good when you’ve got an attractive sum of money to blow on your activity, and a few of it’s first rate in case you need to shoot a bit superior.  every shooter I spoke to that become a constant performer at state and countrywide matches mentioned trade the stock grips to this fashion.  really, many recommended this as the only change for someone new to the game.

What I even have discovered is that the thinner grips do nothing to assist with recoil, as a minimum not with the energy component required for SASS matches. The thinned grips do provide a greater consistent grip floor, helping to vicinity the hand in the equal manner on the gun each time. if you’re attempting to head quick, consistency concerns. These grips also are likely to flip a little much less in the hand, as the slim grips are necessarily extra oblong than round, when in comparison to the long-established vogue.

As for wood-to-metallic healthy, these are very first rate, but not superb. they are flush healthy with the palm, a bit proud at the butt, and a teeny tiny bit of hole is left where the timber meets the frame. You’ll have to appear pretty closely to find it.

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The second alternate that’s prone to make some difference for the younger, and a huge difference for those of us whose eyes aren’t what they was, is the consideration to the sights. The front sight on the Evil Roy fashions measures .1″ broad, as opposed to my ancient model Cattleman mannequin at .055″. The rear sight on the Evil Roy is additionally squared off and widened to .a hundred twenty five″, twice as wide because the extra funneled shape of the average mannequin.

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This sight install is outstanding for the form of quick goal acquisition required for taking pictures speedy, and generally just plenty more convenient on the eyes.

Cimarron says that every Evil Roy revolver additionally contains “more suitable internal parts to boost reliability” and is smithed by using Cimarron. The reliability of the ordinary Uberti weapons is pretty stunning as is. i do know of folks who have their usual models with nothing finished to them which have over a decade of competition in them. There’s no telling how tons dry fireplace that comprises. enough to make my thumb sore just considering it.

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the us-made lightened hammer and  set off springs are relatively glaring. i noticed them the second I pulled the hammer lower back. It’s in reality lighter than the 17 lb. hammer spring I put in my Ruger weapons. That improves both speed and accuracy on the shooting line, and additionally makes dry fire apply ultimate longer.

The set off weight averaged 1 lb. eight.three oz. over 5 pulls on a Lyman digital trigger scale. The ordinary deviation changed into extraordinarily low for these pulls. The extreme spread become .2oz. That’s impressive for precision capturing, however ability little for the variety of capturing most CAS suits employ. after all, most individuals grasp the trigger down the second they grab the gun, but might be it makes a much bigger change for folks shooting within the Gunfighter class.

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The only only aesthetic exchange on the Evil Roy weapons is the “Evil Roy” signature roll engraved into each and every barrel. I’m now not a fan of different people’s names on my weapons but i do know that’s some individuals’s thing.

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There are a number of different types of cylinder base pins on the Uberti Cattleman guns. The Evil Roy has no transfer bar, however includes the Cylinder Base Pin safety. here’s practically a a little longer cylinder base pin with an extra groove in it.

If the base pin is decided the entire manner into the frame, as far as it will go with a push of the finger or thumb, the bottom pin will a little bit protrude from the returned of the body. this will obstruct the hammer from wholly falling, and depart a spot between the hammer and the body.

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Don’t mistake this defense for a device which will totally protect your firearm from discharging with repeated hammer pulls or a drop at once on the hammer. It provides some coverage, but isn’t foolproof.  Load one, skip one, and load four, all the time holding the hammer over an empty chamber until firing.

in step with the pre-warfare trend, the ejector is the strong, half moon class.

Unsurprisingly, I skilled no concerns when it comes to reliability at all. I shot just under 300 rounds complete from this revolver over about per week’s time. In getting able to restart CAS fits, I also dry fired the revolver as part of a 10 minute nightly observe.  That provides up to plenty of hammer drops. At no element did I adventure any considerations with loading, firing, or instances failing to fall free.

I shot in general my very own reloads (as a result of ammunition is so hard to locate), but I also shot a single container of business ammunition. i might be extremely stunned if any of these competition-focused weapons failed, even after many years of use.

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for people that aren’t conventional, SASS matches tend to spend a great volume of ammunition (120-240 rounds per competitors, plus shot shells) and a lot of dry firing for any person who desires to be aggressive in any respect. all of the primers used for this evaluate were CCI No 300 colossal Pistol Primers. It’s nice to understand that, even with a lightened hammer spring, the Evil Roy nevertheless units off the more durable CCI primers.

The barrel, cylinder, and forcing cone on this gun seem simply the equal because the usual Uberti weapons in accordance with the mannequin P, but this one outperformed the quality weapons I’ve fired from them during the past. every once in ages this happens, and perhaps I simply discovered the right bullet recipe for this gun.

My .45 colt CAS load, a 180 gr circular-nose flat aspect bullet from Rim Rock bullets, backed up through 4.eight gr of Clay Dot and lubed with Lyman Bore Butter prints a typical of 1″ five circular organizations over four shot strings, when fired off luggage at 25 yards. Oddly adequate, so did a 255 gr cast covered bullet from Missouri Bullet business, pushed to the limit with 5.2 gr of Clay Dot (I’ve received loads of Clay Dot.)

the one field of Winchester White field .forty five LC commercial ammunition I had shot at 1.eight″, which is greater alongside the traces of what i am used to. All capturing for precision became accomplished on a well fouled bore, after 200 rounds had already been expended.

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It also shoots notably well in hand. The above 2 3/four″ group is the effect of two 5 shot strings of my  CAS load shot standing with a two-hand grip at 25 yards.  i’m not an excellent shot from this place, and here’s about pretty much as good as i will be able to do with any centerfire revolver.

There are a few finish alternatives offered on the Evil Roy guns. This one is in brushed stainless. I pick the appear of a blued gun, however there’s no denying the pure utility of a stainless gun for competition.

I’ve simplest been at this a short time, and that i’ve already shot two suits within the rain and dust. A conclude you don’t ought to be anxious about, certainly for massive fits that ultimate a few days, is lots liked.

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You don’t deserve to exchange your gun in any respect to shoot and enjoy Cowboy action fits. You don’t even deserve to trade your revolvers to be relatively aggressive. Heck, Matt Black has received almost every thing there’s with a pair of Ruger Vaqueros and all he changed had been the grips. To be reasonable, he is an outlier there, and that dude has a lot of talent.

a complete motion job, short stroke equipment, reduced hammers, and all that is very costly, and can be the aspect that possibly cuts that final 2nd per stage off your times. however maybe now not. The real money may still be saved to modify your lever gun, which, in my adventure, makes a much bigger change.

The Evil Roy collection of weapons comes right from the manufacturing facility with the few alterations that make a true change for many shooters, primarily these of us whose range glasses are prescription electricity. The Uberti weapons are extraordinarily usual, and for first rate purpose. they’re good looking, surprisingly low-budget, and very neatly performing firearms.

Cimarron has effortlessly taken this already solid performer and made a “race gun” the new or skilled shooter can buy and be aware of they’re taking pictures all of the revolver they’ll want on day one.

Oh, however you’ll want a pair.

New Evil Roy and historical Uberti Cattleman historic model(graphic courtesy JWT for

requirements: Cimarron Evil Roy Single motion Revolver

brand: Uberti
frame class: Pre-struggle
defense: Cylinder Base Pin safety
conclude: Stainless (blued available)
Barrel size: 5 1/2″ (four 3/four″ available)
Caliber: forty five Colt (.38SPL/.357Magnum obtainable)
overall size: 11″
Cylinder: 6-shot, fluted
number of Grooves: 6
Twist: right
Weight: 2.3 lbs.
Grip: 2-pc checkered walnut
MSRP: $1,014.26 (about $690 retail)

rankings (out of 5 stars):

vogue and look * * * * 
The brushed stainless conclude is done extraordinarily well, as are the checkered walnut scales. The wood isn’t fancy, and basically perfectly healthy.

ancient Accuracy * * * *  1/2
usual unbelievable. Sight channels widened and front points of interest of every kind were general all over even the black powder era. The cylinder base pin is not historically accurate, but you’ll need to look complicated to even see that it exists.

Reliability * * * * *
It begun very first rate. It ended up amazing. This more desirable reliability, together with the stainless-steel finish, will be primarily favored by the black powder shooters.

Accuracy * * * * *
here is the most effective a part of the assessment that surprised me. I anticipated respectable and that i got 1-inch agencies at 25 yards from rounds that don’t usually perform that smartly, in addition to from rounds that do.

standard * * * * 1/2
I hated no longer giving this gun 5 stars, however the timber isn’t best. If I didn’t already have Rugers earlier than I began CAS, and if I had typical these existed, i would have definitely bought a pair of these guns in its place.  It is terribly lots liked that Cimarron didn’t waste money making a “race gun” it is all just cosmetic flash. Cimarron has put the things that make a true change into a fine, very affordable package. that you could discover a pair of blued Evil Roy .forty five Colt weapons for roughly $1,400 retail, and ignore having to do anything to your revolvers in order to ranking extremely smartly. These are the guns i would recommend any new cowboy shooter purchase. keep your customization cash for the lever gun these revolvers are premiere as-is.

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