BREAKING: ATF Raids Polymer80, Cracking Down on ‘Ghost Gun’ build Kits

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Polymer80 Buy Build Shoot kit

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Our chums at the ATF conveniently can’t look forward to a Biden inauguration in January. They’ve been licking their regulatory chops, getting ready for crackdowns they’ve been planning on pistol braces and home build kits — alleged ghost weapons — for months, looking forward to a Trump defeat.

Now that it looks they’ll be getting the alternate of administrations they’ve been silently cheering on, they’re wasting no time. the day gone by ATF brokers achieved a raid on Nevada-primarily based Polymer80, one of the vital greatest makers of eighty% lowers and pistol frames.

From the Wall street Journal:

The raid goal, Nevada-based Polymer80, is suspected of illegally manufacturing and distributing firearms, failing to pay taxes, shipping guns throughout state lines and failing to habits background investigations, according to an software for a search warrant unsealed Thursday after the raid took place.

The probe makes a speciality of Polymer80’s “buy build Shoot equipment,” which comprises the parts to construct a “ghost” handgun. The equipment, which Polymer80 sells online, meets the definition of a firearm, ATF investigators decided based on the warrant application. That capacity it could need to be stamped with a serial quantity and couldn’t be offered to buyers who haven’t first passed a historical past determine.

It looks that the ATF might also have as soon as once again modified their definition of a firearm and now considers Polymer80’s buy construct Shoot kit the equivalent of a firearm, requiring serialization and a transfer via an FFL.

The ATF prior to now gave Polymer80 permission to sell unfinished receivers. however the purchase build Shoot Kits, that are marketed as having “the entire quintessential components to construct an entire…pistol” weren’t submitted to the agency for approval, based on the software for the quest warrant. These kits can also be “assembled into absolutely practical firearms in a count of minutes,” the warrant software says.

Uh huh. If there’s nothing within the box that’s legally a “firearm,” why publish it for approval? If the frame nonetheless qualifies beneath the ATF’s definition of an 80% firearm — with out a serial number or switch required — it’s now not clear how promoting the body as part of a kit, along with the different elements imperative to finished a construct, would exchange the prison popularity of the equipment as a whole.

Then again, prison niceties have never been the ATF’s effective swimsuit. They’ve shown themselves to be more than willing to exchange their definitions and suggestions on the fly, manufacturers and buyers be damned.

We’ve asked Polymer80 for a comment on yesterdays festivities, but haven’t heard again yet. This seemingly received’t be the remaining of these actions via the ATF as we get closer to regime trade in D.C.

update Polymer80 has given TTAG right here commentary:

over the past few years, and this present day, Polymer80 has had a large number of contacts from federal, state, and local law enforcement officers throughout the country. In each and every such example, when appropriately and lawfully so approached, Polymer80 has expended gold standard efforts to totally cooperate with law enforcement. When and as appropriate, the company will continue to do so.

This follow is according to Polymer80’s hard-earned attractiveness as an business leader and accountable company citizen. certainly, the business takes its criminal obligations significantly, simply because it does its treasured and fruitful relationships with its consumers and unbiased buyers.

in short, Polymer80 is committed to discharging all of its tasks and responsibilities as to them, as well as vigorously conserving its rights below the legislations. we will continue to monitor all traits as they come up.

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