DIY Friday: Make an M-LOK aspect Saddle on your KelTec KS7 Shotgun

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In my Keltec KS7 evaluation, i mentioned that I hope someone would make an M-LOK side saddle I may attach to the shotgun. There isn’t loads of room on the gun for accessories. It’s simplest 26.1 inches long, and there comfortably isn’t adequate precise property to place even a Velcro aspect saddle in an ergonomic trend.

That weird carry deal with, despite the fact, offers a couple of M-LOK slots for numerous accessories. In my mind, an M-LOK side saddle positioned on the raise address would be ideal. 

M-LOK facet Saddle How-To

inserting an M-LOK aspect saddle any place else would get in the method of the pump motion or can be placed in such a way as to make it problematic to reach. The elevate handle, even though, offers a non-relocating mounting base for adding add-ons. on the grounds that I couldn’t find one within the aftermarket, I made one for about $20. here’s what you’ll want. 

The ATI Shotshell holder appears to be designed to healthy an ATI stock. It holds 5 12 gauge shells and runs a little beneath $20. This shotshell holder has six holes that permit it to attach to the ATI stock. These served as perfect pilot holes for my M-LOK bolts. 

It didn’t seat deep adequate (Travis Pike for TTAG)

I used M-LOK bolts from a SIG TREAD package but you could get them from loads of sellers. These screws healthy perfectly into the pilot holes in the ATI shotshell holder. The only problem changed into the heads of the screws were too huge and didn’t fit deeply satisfactory to accommodate the shells. 

To cure this, I used a Dremel device to shave off some fabric around the holes. You may use a drill or a hand file to do the equal. Mine become quick and tough, nevertheless it labored. The cloth is tender plastic, so it cuts conveniently. 

I didn’t widen the holes, however I widened the enviornment around them to permit the wider screw head to take a seat deeply adequate to enable shells to utterly insert into the facet saddle. 

Now it fits completely (Travis Pike for TTAG)

I trimmed the properly three holes and ensured my shells fit and not using a combat. I didn’t need the heads of the bolts to press into the shells and deform them. once the shells squeezed in and out devoid of issue, I discovered the deeper holes to be satisfactory. 

once that changed into achieved, I had my M-LOK sidesaddle and attached it effortlessly to my KS7’s carry tackle. 

expert Grade?

Admittedly, the ATI Shotshell holder isn’t a Mesa Tactical or Aridus Industries alternative. It’s low-cost and would no longer be my first alternative for a self-protection firearm. however, for this test, it works and works smartly. thankfully, it’s not a portion of the firearm integral for operation. 

Its an excellent healthy (Travis Pike for TTAG)

In capturing the KS7 with my newly outfitted M-LOK side saddle, I didn’t discover any instant concerns. Buck and bird have been fired from the gun, and the shells in the holder on no account slipped or moved round beneath recoil. Time will tell, however for only $20, free two-day delivery, and a micro-donation with each purchase to GOA, I’m satisfied. 

pondering Out Loud

The KS7 has sufficient M-LOK slots to mount a side saddle on either side for those who desire to. I have a cheap Crimson hint gentle set up on mine. On the KS7 there are some slots at the back of the pump. They provide you with restricted room, but when you have been to reduce the ATI Shotshell holder into two sections, they could be hooked up in these locations. I haven’t experimented with both theory, but i will see the probabilities. 

growth, 5 rounds on tap (Travis Pike for TTAG)

I could try to hack up a far better quality shell holder and convert it right into a more durable M-LOK facet saddle, but I ought to decide if I want to lay out sixty bucks on whatever thing I’m going to hack up that could or might no longer work. Or Mesa might just make an M-LOK side saddle for me. 

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