The Polymer80 Raid: Has the ATF just Shot Themselves within the Foot?

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Polymer80 Buy Build Shoot Kit

Courtesy Polymer80

As TTAG pronounced past these days, Polymer80 has been raided with the aid of the ATF. The declare appears to be that the company was manufacturing and promoting what are legally considered firearms in the kind of their purchase build Shoot Kits.

by means of noting that the ATF seems to be specializing in finished kits — with all the parts essential to bring together a firearm after drilling and finishing the body — the ATF looks to have moved from a definition of “firearm” as a body or receiver it really is greater than than eighty% comprehensive, to something that includes more than eighty% of a complete firearm. Judging from media studies, having the entire quintessential ingredients in a single field pushes it over the eighty% threshold, as a minimum in the ATF’s latest opinion.

I appear ahead to reading the warrant affidavit.

If this is the new definition, I see some complications for our friends on the ATF. accept as true with what contains a standard pistol:

  • body
  • trigger neighborhood
  • barrel
  • slide
  • recoil spring

If, because the Polymer80 raid looks to indicate, all of those parts now add as much as one hundred% of a firearm, what’s the percentage allocated to each part? Can producers quickly wave this apparent new definition in the ATF’s collective face and promote accomplished frames/receivers by means of themselves as non-firearms? in any case, and not using a slide, barrel or recoil spring, most likely that’s under eighty% finished.


The ATF might also have simply shot itself in the foot, as a way to speak. at the very least, they have given us that a great deal extra ammunition to show in courtroom that their definitions are indistinct, inconsistent, arbitrary and capricious, some distance beyond the aspect of mere unconstitutionality.

preserve your eye on this one.

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