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There are a lot of decent factors to load your own ammunition. but if you’re going to spend many lots of bucks on reloading gadget, as a minimum in the first few years, cost reductions isn’t one in all them. Of course, you don’t should spend that an awful lot. purchasing everything new, that you may get away with a pretty good single stage press and every little thing you need for around $1,000.

otherwise you can spend plenty much less with the Lee Breech Lock Hand Press equipment.

There are a couple big advantages to the Lee hand press.

It’s totally economical. As an experiment, I ordered all new ingredients for reloading. That comprises the Lee Breech Lock Hand Press kit, dipper set, four die set for .45 Colt, and a bullet mould. total can charge? About $one hundred fifty, together with shipping. I didn’t got down to purchase all Lee Precision branded items, it just worked out that manner.

cut back that by $25 in case you don’t want to forged your own bullets…but then keep in mind the charge of purchasing bullets. if you don’t have an affordable provide of lead (the floor of my very own home latitude is an exquisite respectable deliver) then you definately’ll are looking to buy lead or hard solid bullets. they are very budget friendly. Of path, for greater cost which you can also purchase jacketed bullets and that they work even stronger for a lot of purposes.

Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit

respectable adequate bullets. (picture courtesy JWT for

You’ll want some powder, too, and what you spend will rely on what powder you want and how lots you purchase. Take a glance on the Hodgdon and Alliant reloading statistics sites to get a good idea on what powder or powders work most desirable for you.

You’ll want situations. I don’t scrimp on circumstances, deciding on Peterson or Starline on every occasion i will be able to. When it involves .38 SPL and .45 Colt starting hundreds for fun or competition and goal apply, I just load to the crimp groove. For these masses, Starline situations will final dozens of reloads with out a significant stretching. although, it once again is dependent upon what you want to do.

I’ve had first-class success the use of all manufacturers of instances I’ve discovered on the ground, every so often years after they have been dropped there, after some elementary hand cleansing. I don’t polish brass. vivid reloaded brass is an abomination. Chocolate brass is earned and deserves to display its scars.

eventually, you can also or may now not need calipers. Seating situations to the crimp groove suffices for a fine variety of bullets and functions.  It just depends on what you want your gun and bullet to do. Case length may well be an issue, perhaps now not. again, it depends.

in case you wish to reload for precision, you’ll need a scale. I don’t use an electronic powder scale and thrower, but the contemporary ones work high-quality. which you can also get by way of with the Lee dipper set, and if you’re using black powder or are just loading for one recipe with one bullet and one powder and can charge, you don’t want either.

Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit

examine them all. (photo courtesy JWT for

i would additionally particularly advocate you purchase a reloading guide, one which describes the entire system. I decide upon the Lyman Reloading guide for this. examine and observe the complete publication.  read and observe the entire guidelines for your reloading dies. examine and observe all of the instructions on your press. read and comply with all the guidance in your components. It’s all essential advice.

the entire above machine and components are fairly handy to return by means of, even in these days’s vendor’s market. I purchased the gadgets above on-line without much looking at all. The issue presently, and alas I don’t see lots of mild on the end of this tunnel, is primers. find them the place which you could, and that i desire you first rate luck.

I bought everything new, just for this article, but you don’t need to. My single stage presses are on their third era. There’s nothing wrong with buying used and you’ll get some astounding offers. At a garage sale I once bought a milk crate crammed with Lee and RCBS loading dies for a total of $25.

Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit

super moveable. (graphic courtesy JWT for

beyond its low-budget nature, the Lee hand press has another fantastic feature. It’s extraordinarily moveable. every little thing I essential to reload for .forty five Colt matches inner a shoebox. a simple toolbox or tacklebox is greater than enough space. not most effective is that this extraordinary for individuals living in flats, RVs, campers, or in a van down via the river, however you may doubtless wander south Chicago with this equipment in a booklet bag and opt for up sufficient random situations and result in do your whole reloading under the closest bridge.

The downside? It’s no longer quick.if you’re going with business bullets and also you’ve found out what you need to do earlier, are expecting to provide about forty rounds in an hour, including prep time. i used to be interested in my own solid “boolits” and black powder loading. no longer including the time it took me to heat the lead, i used to be able to make just 15 comprehensive rounds in one hour.

The method is terribly standard.

Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit

Melting lead over charcoal. (picture courtesy JWT for

in case you’re going to make your personal bullets, I totally recommend the Lyman solid Bullet guide. In a nutshell, you’re going to need to heat lead and pour it into your mold. There are just a few tricks to this, and i reduce my teeth on casting circular balls for flintlocks at mountain man rendezvous.

You want no specialized tools to melt and pour lead. an electrical melting pot is great, however people were casting lead over coals for lots of of years, and that formula nevertheless works simply nice.

Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit

Your mould should still seem like this earlier than you birth. (picture courtesy JWT for

again, purchasing lead bullets is pretty low-cost. You’ll pay between $25-50 for 500 pistol bullets. purchasing sophisticated copper jacketed commercial bullets is often 10 instances that can charge, and counting on what you need them to do, may also very well be worth it. every so often and for some calibers, discovering any bullets in any respect, of any substances, may also be a challenge. A mould for these bullets is a very sound funding. The first rate information…that you can always combine and fit.

clear your situations with a wire or nylon bore brush and a fabric. Then very evenly lubricate the case mouth with case lube. There are lots of case lubricants, however a pretty good amount comes with the Lee Breech Lock Hand Press equipment. once again, a bit goes a long manner.

subsequent we’ll beginning definitely using the hand press. location the appropriate shell holder for your cartridge within the slot of the column. There’s only one place it matches. if you bought a Lee package, the shell holder is covered. in any other case, you’ll should purchase one separately. each set says which shell holder it needs.

Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit

Expander die setting into short trade bushing. (photo courtesy JWT for

each kit comes with one of the Breech Lock short change bushings. they are economical and i see no reason to buy any others. You just want one to string a die in to make the kit work. varied brief trade bushings allow you to set a specific die in them, and then promptly exchange them in and out, with no changes integral after the first time.

if you’re mentally impaired, this can save you as plenty as a minute of time. in case you have the faculties to be reloading within the first vicinity, much much less. if you’re buying them in order to improve consistency for precision loading, you’re really losing time and money, as you’ll need to measure and check the COAL each time you installation anyway.

Screw the sizing and de-priming die into the precise of the bushing according to the instructions that got here along with your die. if you don’t have guidelines, seem them up. be aware, I noted your die, no longer the clicking. they’re continually the same, but there are exceptions.

Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit

The effortless way to make use of the hand press. (picture courtesy JWT for

As with most issues, there’s a straightforward method and a hard way. if you need to battle for no apparent reason, region the shell into the shell holder with the ram all of the way down, grab each handles in front of you and squeeze them collectively, working the shell up into the die.

on the other hand, region the clicking to your non-dominant thigh, lower the ram most effective some distance enough to emplace the shell with the mouth of the shell holder facing up, and gently press down together with your dominant hand on the handle into your thigh unless the deal with stops. The shell will dwell still, the mouth won’t bang the die on the manner in, and also you’ll be in a position to efficaciously circulation throughout the technique.

when you are loading a straight-walled case, now you’ll need to extend the mouth of the case to suit your bullet. observe the instructions that came along with your die set. You don’t wish to work your brass greater than you need to, and also you don’t desire bulged instances. expand the mouth best adequate to fit the base of the bullet flat into the case, now not most of the bullet. The seater die and the lubed interior of the case will do the rest. Don’t rush this.

Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit

included primer in action. (graphic courtesy JWT for

I don’t recognize what you probably did to discover your primers (and i don’t wish to be aware of). the primary rule of fight club is operative here. Now you get to place it to work.

The kit comes with a convenient priming device. I’m doubtless the only grownup on this planet who doesn’t like a stand-on my own hand primer, for the reason that they don’t provide consistent ample consequences. In my very own experimentation I’ve found primer position to make a real difference in constant pace. This one works smartly, simply follow the directions protected with the equipment, not anything videos you may discover on YouTube.

it’s feasible to swap the closing two steps with the Lee pour-via dies. it truly is, top then bell the mouth. i am not partial to that order as I find that some powders like to stick in the die all the way through the pour.

At this aspect, you now have a case so one can go “pop” in the event you bang it. Yay. get rid of the case from the press. Fill that case with something powder you’re the use of and go from a pop to bang. Yay!

Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit

A full can charge of black powder in a .45 Colt case. (photograph courtesy JWT for

For this overview, I’m constructing black powder rounds. I locate black powder a whole lot more bad for the new reloader. read the Lyman Black Powder guide and Loading guide.

once you’re achieved loading the powder, you’re able to desirable it with a bullet. Some dies seat and crimp, but I a good deal choose to try this in two separate steps, assuming I need to roll crimp. For a taper crimp, I discover one die works simply first-class. Your cartridge and application will examine what form of crimp you want.

once the seater die is in, put your now-powered case lower back into the shell holder in the ram. when you are using lead bullets, lube the bullet liberally, filling any grooves absolutely (which you can use the equal lube that came with the kit) and set it in the case mouth. elevate the bullet-topped case up. You’ll should play with the die seating depth to get the appropriate bullet seating depth. once more, take it slow. this is in reality not the time to be in a hurry.

if you don’t deserve to crimp, voila! You’re executed. during this case, I do, so I’ll simply repeat the method once more, swapping out the seating die for the crimp die to give an organization crimp within the crimp groove.

Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit

Choirs of angels sing. (photo courtesy JWT for

Now you’re bad.

For anybody who’s used a bench-installed single stage press, all of that changed into extremely standard. The Lee Breech Lock Hand Press equipment basically just replaces a bench-mounted press with something that you should carry anywhere.

For you individuals who’re new to reloading, or any person who wants the portability this kit offers, the Lee Breech Lock Hand Press kit is a fantastic device set. aside from the demands of F-class taking pictures, there’s nothing that you could do with a single stage bench hooked up press that you should’t do with this one. It’s simply slower.

The Lee hand press is very well constructed, and given that fundamental time boundaries, I discover it particularly unlikely a shooter can be capable of put on it out during a lifetime of use. I already had the hand press via itself that I bought long previous to this assessment. Now I have two, and that i’ve purchased kits for a couple of people for Christmas.

requisites: Lee Breech Lock Hand Press kit

Dimensions: 11 1/2″ X 4 1/2″ X 1 1/four″
Weight: 2.51lbs
MSRP: $seventy eight ($fifty three.99 at Brownells)

rating (out of five stars):

standard  * * * * *
What a pretty good piece of kit.

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