Palmetto State’s Federal Independence 115gr 9mm FMJ Ammunition – $639 for 1000 Rounds

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yes, that’s a lot of money. And we see it all of the time at the moment…readers within the remark part OUTRAGED that marketers are “gouging” them on ammunition prices. We be aware of they’re outraged since the caps lock is on.

we’ve some breaking news for you: we’re not living within the pre-pandemic world any further. And with a antagonistic administration about to take workplace, the high demand for ammo — along with manufacturers working like hell to are attempting to fulfill it — isn’t going to change any time quickly.

We’ve heard from one gigantic ammo maker who doesn’t are expecting to catch up on their latest backlog of orders for 3 years. You study that appropriate, three years.

As for the expense above, when you’ve got tens of hundreds of thousands of gun house owners chasing a commodity all of them need at the equal time, the expense is going to upward thrust. And it has. which you could’t repeal the legal guidelines of economics no matter how complicated you (and clueless politicians) might also try.

So in case you made hay whereas the solar was shining and topped off your shops of gun food previous to 2020, respectable on you. if you didn’t and also you want ammunition, waiting for the cost to return down probably isn’t going to work out for you. if you would like it, you’re going to ought to bite the bullet (with the intention to talk) and pay the existing market expense.

The truth is, latitude ammo priced at sixty four cents a circular isn’t gouging. It’s the going expense. all of us hope it have been in any other case, however wishing received’t get any person anywhere.

Your premier route of action is to retain your eye on the larger, extra official agents like Palmetto State, Brownells, Sportsman’s and others (including your native gun stores and ranges), then buy after they get a shipment. PSA has situations of Federal Independence latitude ammo in inventory now. We don’t know the way a lot they have, however we’d bet on it being out of inventory by way of the end of the day.

Act (and purchase) consequently.

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