wanted: Alabama owners of Polymer80 buy construct Shoot Kits

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in case you ignored the information the day before today, the ATF raided the places of work of Nevada-based mostly Polymer80. The pretense for the raid was the regulator’s new interpretation of gun legislation claiming that selling an 80% pistol body in a field, along with the entire other parts essential to build an entire gun makes the package a criminal firearm.

To be clear, promoting the 80% frame in one field and a completion kit in yet another is apparently A-adequate so far as the galaxy brains at the ATF are concerned. but selling them in a single container now makes the contents a firearm and skill it has to be serialized and transferred by the use of your local FFL.

sure, that’s a fly-encrusted load of stinking equine excrement, however that’s the regulatory ambiance during which we reside (and it’s no longer going to enhance any time soon).

What can be completed about it? smartly, an affected individual can sue the bastards at the ATF. that could be a really respectable beginning.

We’ve talked to the folks at Gun house owners of america and that they’re fixin’ to do just that.  There’s only 1 problem. They want a plaintiff. That’s where you come in.

To qualify, all you ought to be is an owner of 1 of Polymer80’s buy build Shoot kits. Oh, and also you even have to reside in Alabama.

Is that you? If no longer, do you have got a chum within the Yellow Hammer State who owns a kind of kits? Please let us know. e-mail us at [email protected] and we’ll get the manner started.

Please spread the notice and thanks in your aid.

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