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NYC Councilman Joe Borelli. Image source: josephborelli.com

NYC Councilman Joe Borelli. photograph source: josephborelli.com

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NYC Councilman Joe Borelli doesn’t suppose a good deal of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 diktats. He tweeted here:

Borelli tweet

Borelli tweet

Can anybody else consider of one more example of an professional announcing a harmful economic policy while concurrently touting records that display that policy should be ineffective.

neatly, Joe, I’m a gun proprietor. So I’m acquainted with decades of dangerous monetary, crook, and social policies that by means of design are ineffective at their alleged aim.

whats up! i know, let’s quite simply ban the lawful possession of firearms, then unencumber the violent criminals in our jails. How’s that working for y’all?

Or we could effortlessly ban the possession of one of the most generally owned firearms within the country as a result of they’re hardly ever utilized in crime.

possibly we could just drive honest americans to be photographed, fingerprinted, and investigated before we grudgingly permit them to recreation a constitutionally “included” appropriate. Of route, we will most effective try this to the sincere individuals because the Haynes decision means criminals don’t should bounce through all of those hoops.

Oh, wait! Let’s get banks and bank card corporations to disclaim service to firearm dealers and gun homeowners. as a result of all and sundry knows that crooks swapping weapons in the black market carefully doc their monetary paper trails.

So yeah. Been there, achieved that. Doing that, definitely. long earlier than the chinese language flu.

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