Ghost Gun: placing On performs For Anti-Gun Propaganda

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adequate: plays to conclusion Gun Violence is a propaganda application meant to promote performs written by using high faculty students that handle the influence of gun violence.” one of this yr’s plays came to my consideration: ‘Ghost Gun’.

here’s a description of ‘Ghost Gun,’ the play . . .

Propelled by using the urgency of his own decay and desperate to be heard, BLACK BOY provides his “villain’s monologue” – a parting speech usually dropped at a hero before their dying – to his viewers held at gunpoint.

I attempted to get an interview with playwright, Olivia Ridley, a new Jersey excessive college scholar. Inquiries went with out response. So questions like “Why the name ‘Ghost Gun?’” went unanswered. I don’t be aware of if her protagonist has a “ghost gun,” what kind, or if the young lady even is aware of what one is. I particularly doubt she’s in fact talking of 80-% receivers.

Her bio says she desired to discover the nuance of the “gun violence” problem. Did addressing that nuance encompass talking with lawful gun homeowners? Does she know any?

She noted that “gun handle is actually a good vicinity to birth!” What extra gun manage would she want to see? Does she understand she already lives in a single of probably the most heavily-regulated states? Does she have a clue as to what laws exist already?

The play’s description says its leading persona is a boy, which means he is a minor. How did her persona acquire his gun? As a minor he couldn’t lawfully buy a handgun in any state within the country, so he’s already breaking latest legal guidelines. How would she persuade even her personal legislation-breaking persona to obey extra “gun manage” legal guidelines?

Ms. Ridley’s character is described as supplying a “villain’s monologue,” which suggests that he became the bad man and might have been shot in self-protection. Does she basically see an obvious violent crook as a task mannequin to emulate, and are expecting the viewers to take his counsel on gun control?

however often I think i needed to ask her if she has regarded a play exploring a professional-gun rights element of view, in contrast to “Ghost Gun?” If she’s even mindful that such a valid point of view exists?

I rather suspect she doesn’t, and doesn’t desire to, explaining why I acquired no response from her or from sufficient.

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