The ATF Objectifies Pistol Stabilizing Braces

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The ATF’s proposed rule for determining no matter if a firearm is a stabilizer-braced pistol or a brief-barreled rifle is open for feedback. It changed into published in the Federal Register the day prior to this, as Docket No. 2020R–10. but browsing can also or may no longer turn up the docket.

There it’s…posted as Docket id: ATF-2020-0001 goal elements for Classifying Weapons with “Stabilizing Braces”.

Please notice that the time limit for feedback is January four, 2021, which means that they’ve simplest allowed all of 18 days for feedback, not the common 30 (or more).

As always with All The inFringements, the rule is a multitude.

“The purpose design features ATF considers in selecting no matter if a weapon with an connected ‘‘stabilizing brace’’ has been ‘‘designed or redesigned, made or remade, and intended to be fired from the shoulder’’ consist of, however don’t seem to be constrained to:”

  • class and Caliber
  • Weight and length
  • length of Pull
  • Attachment components
  • Stabilizing Brace Design elements
  • purpose aspect
  • Secondary Grip
  • attractions and Scopes
  • Peripheral accessories

including size of pull is a biggy. via beginning with the belief that length of pull — the gap from the trigger to the rear of the stock — is part of their verify and matters, it appears the ATF considers all braces to be stocks until confirmed otherwise.

however none of that truly matters as a result of . . .

No single ingredient or combination of factors is always dispositive, and FATD examines every weapon holistically on a case-through-case basis.


That’s fancy language for we understand it after we see it and we’ll let you know after we do. In other phrases, there are no particular, “goal factors” for settling on when a pistol outfitted with a stabilizing brace could be considered a brief-barrel rifle. 

An purpose definition of pistol brace would be anything like . . .

a tool designed to assist a consumer in keeping a huge pistol with one hand, which extends no extra than the user’s forearm when gripping the firearm always, and which conforms to the user’s forearm.

And that’s just what I informed them in my remark:

The ATF has now not introduced any “purpose factors” to examine no matter if a pistol-braced firearm is a pistol or brief-barreled rifle.

“No single factor or combination of factors is necessarily dispositive, and FATD examines each and every weapon holistically on a case-through-case foundation.”

That isn’t any greater than fancy language for Supreme courtroom Justice Potter Stewart’s notorious, “I realize it once I see it.”

That commentary would appear to depart us exactly where we are actually: on the mercy of a proven arbitrary and capricious federal agency sure to infringe upon the 2d change. however is definitely worse than that. with the aid of including “size of pull” within the “elements,” the ATF begins with the assumption that a braced firearm is a short-barreled rifle until and unless it’s confirmed otherwise.

An aim definition of pistol brace could be: a tool designed to aid a consumer in holding a large pistol with one hand, which extends no additional than the user’s forearm when gripping the firearm perpetually, and which conforms to the person’s forearm.

what will you be telling them?

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