ATF Agent Sues metropolis of Columbus, Ohio, 2 cops For Detaining, Tasing Him

BodycamATF agent james burk arrested image of ATF Agent Burk. Source: COlumbus Police Department.

Bodycam photograph of ATF Agent Burk. source: Columbus Police branch

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Agent James Burk of the ATF is suing the metropolis of Columbus, Ohio and two law enforcement officials for the usage of excessive drive against him. He claims he became tased, handcuffed, and detained whereas performing a “events” confiscation of an unlawfully possessed shotgun.

The lawsuit stated Burk changed into in his ordinary work apparel, which become described as “casual skilled” along with his credentials in a pocket and an identity card round his neck. …

“When Fihe arrived at the scene, Agent Burk stood outside the home’s front door and waved the officer over to where he was standing,” the lawsuit said. “notwithstanding Agent Burk had each arms raised and had represented that he’s a federal agent, officer Fihe immediately drew his weapon and pointed it … while concurrently screaming at (Burk) to get on the floor.”

in keeping with Burke, he changed into wearing “informal professional” outfits with an identity around his neck. Let’s take a look at that bodycam image above.

  • untucked polo shirt
  • wrinkled pants
  • trainers?
  • no visible identification on his neck
  • paper in his fingers doesn’t even seem to be on a clipboard
  • hands at at or a little bit above waist level.

He doesn’t seem “legit” in any respect. I don’t blame the owner of a house for calling the police. If a ratty stranger — all by himself, and not using a backup or visible identity — looking like Burk in the image above regarded at my door stressful my gun, I wouldn’t be inclined to accept as true with he represented any legislation enforcement company.

That his look and posture as shown in bodycam video isn’t what he claims explanations me to wonder in regards to the allegations about police habits. Oddly enough, while several news retailers mention the bodycam footage, none have posted anything else however the picture above. the total video should do extra to illustrate who’s telling the truth right here.

The lawsuit stated the officers also used a Taser on Burk dissimilar instances while he became face down and “not evading arrest” earlier than handcuffing Burk and putting him in the back of a cruiser, a method that involved pulling him into the automobile as a result of a seatbelt was within the method.

After about an hour, throughout which Burk stated he changed into denied water and “generally disparaged … to everybody in earshot” by using Fihe, Burk changed into launched without expenses.

but as Burk’s heritage as a bargain-hunting wine connoisseur makes clear, the ATF best employs probably the most sincere and upstanding people.

Police say ATF agent James Burk took expensive wine to the self-checkout lane and charged himself a small % of the charge.
in response to deputies, they caught Burk going to the self-checkout in August and paying $19 for four bottles of wine that had a complete fee tag of $222.

The document says Burk bought bottles of Stag’s soar Wine priced at $sixty two.99 and $33.99, however the code he entered charged him only $four.99.

in keeping with the report, Kroger employees had grown suspicious of Burk and started gazing him. They talked about he did the same issue varied instances.

varied instances. Which, one presumes, is why they had been observing him so closely.

It ought to be elaborate being a committed oenophile on a paltry govt income.

anything else studies on the lawsuit don’t point out is the existence of a warrant to seize the shotgun in query, or an ATF 3400.23 receipt. not even an arrest warrant to be served via Burk for the adult who allegedly unlawfully possessed a firearm. however undoubtedly Burk had all of that. It’s tough to believe an ATF agent would cut corners that manner.

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