big Bore: the way to Maximize Your .50 Caliber Rifle fun

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Joe Grine 50 BMG

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A few newbie lessons learned

I’ve been shooting weapons for roughly 38 years and have owned many guns, however I’d not ever owned a rifle chambered in .50 BMG. nonetheless, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to shoot different individuals’s .50’s, although it changed into all the time mere “familiarization” hearth, as opposed to spending hours becoming an expert with the weapon system. So the satisfactory time I acquired while reviewing the Accuracy foreign AX-50 turned into whatever of a brand new event, I realized a few things that might possibly be beneficial for any one thinking of jumping on the .50 cal teach.

As a beginner in the fifty box, I right away found that sending 1/2-inch diameter, 750 grain bullets down latitude presents a unique set of challenges. First off, many gun clubs won’t let you shoot .50 BMG on their levels, so discovering a place to let your .50 stretch her legs can be tough. even though you find a range willing to help you pull her set off, you aren’t going to wish to shoot this aspect at a hundred or 200 yards, either.

The big recoil takes you off the scope longer than say, a .308 or perhaps a .300 Win mag. consequently, it’s tougher to look bullet impact at brief tiers. At 1000 yards, I might always see my own .50 BMG round affect metal. If the bullet hit rocks or grime, I might always see the grime that obtained kicked up. At 600 yards, issues had been a little extra iffy: I basically had to make sure i used to be set up completely on the gun to make certain I might see my hits. At one hundred-200 yards…fuggedaboudit.

So the final analysis: in case you want to maximize you .50 BMG fun, be certain you have got as a minimum 600 yards and preferably a thousand yards. Or, in case you can manipulate it, a mile is even enhanced.

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additionally you have to put some notion into your targets. capturing paper isn’t definitely profitable at long distances, because you don’t get immediate remarks. It’s hard to see what you hit. At 600 yards, ½”-diameter holes were visible on Shoot-N-See aims in decent mild, specially via my Leica Televid seventy seven 20x-60x recognizing scope. but once our objectives had been within the color of the late afternoon solar, it bought greater tricky to peer, specially if the shooter ignored the Shoot-N-See and hit cardboard. Add a little bit of mirage into the equation and the goals right away get obscured. No fun at all.

To get rapid comments, we typically shot at my 18-inch diameter, ½-inch thick AR 500 gong from Grizzly targets, as shown in the image beneath. which you can see a five-shot neighborhood grouping at roughly six inches at 600 yards with Hornady 750 Grain match (four of the 5 shots are excessive-core in a 3-inch circle and the 5th flyer on the appropriate unfolded the group a bit of (be aware: the smaller hits are from earlier .223 and .308 affects).

Courtesy Joe Grine

Joe Grine for TTAG

This goal labored smartly, but we rapidly found on an prior travel that the handiest component that would withstand the shrapnel changed into steel chain. The nylon and cotton webbing that labored so neatly with regularly occurring rifle rounds had been without delay cut by using the lead and copper splatter from the huge fifty. That changed into a wasted latitude travel. The .50 BMG would additionally bend steel carabiners, as proven above.

Courtesy Joe Grine

Joe Grine for TTAG

a different issue that you deserve to believe about when shooting a fifty is that you just need a top-of-the-line optic. regrettably, “low-budget” alternate options will get destroyed via the recoil. Accuracy international uses and recommends the Schmidt + Bender PM II 5-25×fifty six  and in order that’s what we used for our testing. You’ll additionally should have scope rings and/or mounts  with at the least 20-30 MOA of cant inbuilt, because the massive fifty requires lots of elevation adjustment to reach out to distances of up to a mile.

Sighting within the .50 BMG can also be slightly tricky. As i mentioned, which you can’t see your personal bullet influences at shut degrees, and the significant muzzle brake makes it difficult for spotters, too. I found that the only in reality first rate region for a spotter changed into 10 feet without delay in the back of the shooter. Any closer (or if the spotter became off to the facet) and the concussion and dirt from the muzzle brake would make the spotter cringe.

On one taking pictures shuttle ultimate summer season, it took me 30 rounds to get the rifle sited in at 600 yards (remember, that’s at about $2.50 per round, at ultimate). In gigantic half, this turned into because we picked a spot that had lots of tall grass. The grass made it unattainable to peer our bullet impacts – we knew we had been missing the target, but we couldn’t conveniently inform if we have been hitting high or low. I had not ever had an identical problems with more “average” sized rifles. Sending a dear bullet downrange with out getting any feedback changed into very irritating. So keep away from my noob mistake and in reality plan out the place you are going to sight to your rifle.

capturing a .50 cal rifle – mainly one as finely crafted as the AX-50 – is all types of fun. if you get the possibility, i will’t advocate it adequate. retain some of those lessons I learned the hard approach in mind, and you’ll get probably the most in your shooting dollar and your time.

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