Gun evaluate: 80% fingers GST-9 eighty% Pistol construct equipment and Jig w/ device kit and Slide Rails

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the first gun I ever built turned into a single-shot shotgun made from scrap I found across the ranch. i was likely ten years ancient. It became fantastic.

I didn’t make an extra gun for just a few a long time. Then it turned into a flintlock. It took me about 200 hours. considering then, I’ve constructed all forms of weapons, and all for a similar explanations.

It’s fun. I gain knowledge of plenty.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

picture courtesy JWT for

So it become with pleasure that I embraced the probability to overview just a few distinctive items from eighty% palms.

the primary become their GST-9 build equipment, which, together with their GST-9 Jig and a magazine, means that you can fully finish your own GLOCK(esque) striker fired double stack 9x19mm polymer framed pistol. if you’ve examine about the complications different eighty% makers have skilled recently, the 80% arms construct equipment is different in that the jig and slide rails are sold separately. You need to buy at least two separate objects to construct and finished the gun.

The GST-9 Pistol build equipment contains the GST-9 modular frame, grip extension, a Wraith RMR-cut finished slide, a in shape grade G19 fluted barrel and a G19 decrease elements equipment.

despite the guns and other issues I’ve developed, i’m functionally mentally retarded when it comes to making anything else. truly, I’m a confounded electrician, a awful machinist, and if the Lord had commissioned me to build the Ark, the porpoise will be the most intelligent life on the planet.

And yet, the full time to finished this build, from the second I opened the field to the time an outstanding pistol changed into achieved and ready to shoot, turned into one hour and fifty five minutes. I examine the entire directions earlier than I begun, and then examine and re-study them as I went via.

It was so standard that when it changed into entire, I feature checked the gun, turned to a pal, and spoke of, “Holy crap, i will be able to’t trust that labored.” Nothing is ever that elementary for me. This become.

with the intention to store time and get the job achieved correct, I used my buddy’s home shop, because he has all types of fancy tools. It grew to become out that I mandatory none of those fancy equipment in any respect, and using his shop burned time when you consider that I didn’t understand the place the basic equipment have been observed.

if you knew where all of the tools have been and had a pretty good plan before you obtained began, there is not any intent at all that you simply couldn’t do an outstanding job getting the decrease receiver accomplished (the genuine felony firearm) in below 30 minutes. It took longer to collect the small materials and the trigger into the body than it did making the actual body itself.

The tools I used protected:

Drill bits and reducing bit (protected with the kit)
Drill press
Dremel device
Wire snips
X-Acto knife
Compressed air
metal ruler
1200 grit sand paper

That’s it.

The directions are short and extremely simple. they are so brief that, before I examine them, I puzzled if these were the total factor and if i was expected to go browsing for the total guidelines.

those are the whole directions. It’s one web page, entrance and lower back. everything is colour coded, and it’s simply just a few simple steps.  When it involves the simple system, you’d should work difficult to screw it up.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

photograph courtesy JWT for

The best method you may in reality mess this up is with the aid of going too speedy and not paying any consideration. This begins with the 4 tabs on proper that stand out from the frame.

You may eradicate these with a rotary tool, however definitely, flat faced wire snips are most beneficial and give you a flat cut right up towards the frame. I adopted this up with a wee bit of shaving with an X-Acto knife, which turned out to be completely needless.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

photo courtesy JWT for

next, the frame goes into the jig.

once more, the jig itself is offered one by one. I had initially assumed that the jig was a one-time purchase deal, however this is now not the case. The jig set should be purchased with every body (price: $29.ninety nine). The eighty% body can’t be accomplished on its own, because the slide rails include the jig, no longer with the frame construct kit. so that you should purchase each impartial items every single time.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

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Put the frame, minus the rail sections you already bring to a halt, into the jig and lock it down with all the nuts and screws offered with the jig. be sure the jig closes absolutely, but hand tightening with the short end of the offered Allen wrench is all that’s imperative. The directions are crystal clear here. just observe them.

Now it’s time to drill six holes.

I used a drill press, and whatever like it truly is advantageous. It’s feasible to do that with a hand drill, however you’ll want one with a bubble degree and a gentle hand. if you’re going to head the hand drill route, construct yourself an easy frame to cling the drill in place and preclude is circulate.

The foremost device for this job would were the Dremel Rotary tool notebook and a Dremel tool. The polymer isn’t complicated to reduce at all, and the drill isn’t doing tons work. The essential Dremel $50 laptop/press would have finished the job simply quality.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

graphic courtesy JWT for

No be counted what you use to drill the holes, you’ll should make certain you lock the jig down nice and tight so that it doesn’t movement in any respect in the event you’re drilling. here’s the half that matters most. Take anything time it takes to get this correct. There’s no going returned to put polymer back on the body if you screw up.

I set the jig on the plate of the drill press and measured how some distance the click went down in order that I could be certain that I didn’t drill too a long way through each side. You are looking to drill via one aspect, but not via to the different. The instructions are, once once again, very clear right here.

The guidance say the jig is meant to be in a vice right through use. Many individuals have a drill press. Fewer have a drill press with a vice set-up on the click platform. A vice isn’t fundamental, however clamps are.

conserving the click became off, I diminished the ram with the founded bit inside the chuck unless the bit become into the pilot hole column on the jig. I then locked the depth of the reduce and clamped the jig in region, all while the bit changed into within the pilot hole column. This ensures that the jig should be precisely the place I want it when the bit is raised, turned on, and reduced again.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

image courtesy JWT for

The polymer cuts very straight away. There’s well-nigh no resistance in any respect when the use of the presented bits.

cautiously repositioning the jig for every gap on either side takes a little bit of time, nonetheless it’s price it. in short order, I had all of the holes perfectly drilled. I blew it out with compressed air and moved on.

final is disposing of the material from the front of the frame (entrance go blockading member) to be able to accept the slide.  here is most appropriate executed with the offered reducing bit and a rotary tool, but there’s no rationale you couldn’t try this with nothing greater than an X-Acto knife and sandpaper.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

picture courtesy JWT for

eventually, I moved on to sanding this channel in addition to where I removed the tabs from the true of the frame. For this, I with no trouble began with a file, working the appropriate with the flat and the entrance channel with the round. It took no time in any respect, and i complete by means of moist sanding with 1200 grit paper. whenever viable, if you’re sanding, use a ebook like a dowel for round sections and a block for flat sections.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

photograph courtesy JWT for

I took the rail sections from the jig kit and confirmed their fit. excellent. We’ve acquired a firearm.

in case you did every little thing appropriate — and it’s challenging not to — there’s basically no deserve to put the rail area in at the moment, as you’ll need to pull them returned out to installation the trigger. however nevertheless, it became nice to realize it all healthy collectively smartly before beginning the relaxation of the construct.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

graphic courtesy JWT for

At this factor, you’ll should eliminate the trigger pack from the packaging. They seem like inventory OEM GLOCK Gen three materials to me. I pieced collectively the trigger, journal liberate, slide cease, after which put the rails lower back on.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

photo courtesy JWT for

80% palms’ body construct equipment includes a modular grip. if you need a shorter, GLOCK 19-sized grip, pin in the shorter grip module. if you want an extended G17-measurement grip, pin within the longer module. they are absolutely interchangeable and you can go from side to side if you need.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

photograph courtesy JWT for

Blow it all out with some compressed air, lube it up (this one bought a liberal spray of the Rem Oil I had on-hand) and slip the protected comprehensive slide onto the rails.

Voila! You now have an entire double stack semi-automated 9x19mm pistol.

So, how does it shoot?

pretty lots like a GLOCK 19. Go determine.

i used to be close to the range at Austin after I complete the gun, so I headed correct over there. I didn’t have a GLOCK 19 magazine with me, but I did have a few magazines for a GLOCK 17 and one 33-round GLOCK company magazine, and 200 rounds of range ammo.

at the latitude at Austin I bumped into a person shooting a GLOCK 19 — zero stunned there — and she or he allowed me to borrow considered one of her stock mags.

I loaded up a G17 journal and pulled the set off. Nothing took place. I racked a are living circular out of the journal, mentioned a lightweight primer strike, and did it again, with the same outcomes. I had  simply sprayed the completed slide down with Rem Oil and set up it to the frame 20 minutes earlier than so i attempted an extra time.

BANG! Yay.

From that point on, for the next 200 rounds, not a single malfunction of any form happened with any of the three forms of FMJ ammunition i attempted, as long as i used to be the usage of the G17 or G19 magazines.

however not a single circular would even load by itself within the 33-round magazine. each one had a primary circular failure to feed, which required a faucet to the again of the journal to chamber it. once more, all of the other magazines worked flawlessly, so perhaps this become a bad magazine.

after getting domestic, I loaded the equal 33-circular journal with the same ammunition right into a stock GLOCK 19 and tried it out. It loaded simply fine. I swapped the frames, the usage of the eighty% hands slide on the GLOCK frame, and the 33-round magazine loaded first-rate. something is up with the do-it-yourself body and the 33-circular magazine.

what is in particular exciting is that I put an additional one hundred rounds during the complete eighty%, this time the usage of Magpul G19 magazines and diverse hole element ammunition, once again, with no single malfunction. I then shot one more 100 rounds of my own reloaded 147gr flat-nosed rounds via both the G19 and G17 sized magazines, manufactured via both GLOCK and Magpul.

finally, after i thought the evaluation become over, I had a pal offer who let me us his 32-circular ProMag journal. The gun had zero malfunctions of any kind with this specific extended magazine. If I didn’t have a GLOCK 33-round magazine, I wouldn’t have found any malfunctions in any respect in 432 rounds.

At no aspect after the initial meeting did I re-lube or clear the pistol in any manner.

When it comes to precision, the do-it-yourself pistol shot just as well as the GLOCK brand GLOCK G19s. Which is to assert, good enough.

capturing off luggage at 25 yards, Armscor’s 115gr FMJ shot an ordinary of two.2″ five-circular groups, averaged over four shot strings. I didn’t have all of the various kinds of ammunition i love to have available for a evaluation this time, but I don’t believe i need them.

This specific gun likes the Winchester Defender 147gr HP circular, printing 1.8″ 25-yard businesses on usual. That’s a pretty good, very equipped protection round, and i don’t believe I’d seem any further for what to elevate in this certain pistola.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

photo courtesy JWT for

In taking pictures the gun I constructed from the 80% arms equipment, I cited a number of actual ameliorations between it and the stock GLOCK body. First, the modular grip is a tad bit better in diameter. It’s smartly textured on each aspect, and seems to comply with a extremely identical grip perspective as the stock GLOCK. The above photograph indicates the GST-9 laid on accurate of a stock Gen 4 GLOCK 19.

You’ll additionally word that long gone is the GLOCK company GLOCK rail, replaced on the GST-9 with a standard Picatinny rail.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

photo courtesy JWT for

What I actually appreciated become the small angled thumb relaxation cuts close the front of the frame. They fit my thumb perfectly, and never only offered an excellent tactile reminder of where my thumb should be, but additionally makes it possible for me to preserve constant pressure there with the intention to in the reduction of muzzle upward push all the way through speedy strings of hearth. It’s additionally a very good position for your trigger finger to leisure on when not yet ready to shoot.

in case you decide to order the slide as smartly, it’s somewhat of an improve from the inventory Gen three GLOCK models. It’s acquired fancy cuts and a fluted barrel. The actual benefit is that it comes pre-cut for an optic.

As an immense benefit, i was capable of investigate that this pistol fits a wide assortment of Kydex and leather holsters initially made for the G19.

if you’re looking for an inexpensive complete polymer striker fired pistol, here is not how to go. The 80% build package is $750, as plenty or greater costly than most new striker fired polymer pistols of this measurement. You’ll also need to purchase the jig equipment one at a time in an effort to complete the construct. once more, that’s another $30.

if you are seeking a polymer striker fired pistol to build now, this is no longer a way to go. The current backorder on the comprehensive kit is about 9 months, however 80% hands says they are impulsively expanding construction and plan to be existing through the end of the first quarter of 2021.

The real rationale to buy whatever like an 80% build is that it’s enjoyable, and also you’ll be trained lots about how the firearm works and is put together. For me, that’s neatly price the fee of admission.

80% Arms GST-9 80% Pistol Build Kit

photograph courtesy JWT for

The 80% hands GST-9 build package and GST-9 Jig kit had been amazing. They let me construct a very neatly functioning firearm, with greater bells and whistles than most polymer-framed striker-fired pistols, in below two hours with essential tools.

If I developed an additional one of these, I’d do it with nothing apart from manual hand equipment, only for enjoyable, and to peer it achieved so quite simply. I didn’t predict to be so satisfied with the comprehensive product, but I bound am. It grew to become out to be a enjoyable construct, and a best little gun.

requirements: 80% fingers GST-9 construct kit

The GST-9 Modular body
GST-9 Grip Extension
The Wraith RMR cut Slide – completed
Black, Straight-Fluted, healthy-Grade G19 Barrel
G19 decrease parts kit
fee: $749.99

80% fingers GST-9 Jig w/tool package and Slide Rails
should be purchased one by one to finished any GST-9 decrease receiver.
cost: $29.ninety nine

rating (out of 5 stars):

standard * * * * *
basic and enjoyable, the equipment and jig end up enabling the user to supply a extremely equipped firearm.

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