Iraqveteran8888 to ATF: Braces Are in standard Use and haven’t any impact on Crime

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Eric Blanford Iraqveteran8888

Courtesy Iraqveteran8888

ED: Eric Blandford — more desirable conventional to many within the gun world as Iraqveteran8888 — isn’t any happier about the ATF’s present jihad in opposition t pistol stabilizing braces than the relaxation of us. Like over 21,000 people to date, he’s submitted a remark in the Federal Register regarding the ATF’s proposed “objective elements for Classifying Weapons with ‘Stabilizing Braces’”. Eric has kindly sent us what he’s written and allowed us to republish it right here.

acting Director Lombardo,

My name is Eric Blandford and i am a concerned citizen and veteran who runs a very general YouTube channel referred to as “Iraqveteran8888” and would very an awful lot appreciate the chance to share my considerations with the ATF’s recent actions regarding the legality of pistol braces.

Braced handguns and FBI crime data

we’re somehow anticipated to trust that in the nearly eight years that these braces were obtainable, they are abruptly some sort of chance to public protection or that they are used in an surprising variety of crimes. The NFA became, after all, created with the specific intent of curbing “gang-connected crime.” in response to the FBI’s annual record posted September twenty eighth, 2020, the cost of violent crimes in the U.S. is on the third yr of decline.

When comparing records on murder victims from 2013-2017, the firearms are damaged down into their respective classes. Nowhere within the reviews are braced firearms outlined. considering the FBI does not deem it indispensable to make the big difference, it shows obviously that it has by no means been a data element precious of point out.

There are additionally no distinctions in the handgun category, even in the 2019 file for braced handguns of any class. If the ATF surely cared concerning the abilities of a braced pistol having a far better chance of getting used in criminal exercise, why didn’t they power the FBI to make that big difference in their reporting?

The variety of pistol braces in circulation is readily within the tens of millions, and the information with ease cannot returned up the ATF’s reasoning for the proposed reclassification. it’s a lot more likely that if the public outcry were extreme sufficient, or if the ATF decided returned in 2012 it become any challenge despite configuration, they would in no way have permitted the preliminary design at all.

The greater doubtless reasoning on your letter, Director Lombardo, is as a response to a political landscape that means that you can maneuver more in keeping with your emotions in opposition t gun house owners and less about any true situation or issues, specially from the general public. If the position of the ATF, DOJ, and LEOs across the nation was in line with this letter, we’d have commonplace about it a long time in the past.

A Political line toed completely

This idea comes hot on the heels of your assembly with Biden/Harris. Is our nation so corrupt that the sitting President of the U.S. of the us is bypassed and any opinion that receives whispered on your ear turns into the gospel of the day? The ATF has been allowed to run rampant and unchecked as a rogue organization that certainly is willing to use deadly force to returned up unhealthy opinions.

The legislation deserves extra appreciate and our checks and balances should be adhered to. Opinions don’t seem to be legal guidelines. Alphabet companies don’t seem to be political parties. Yet here’s evidently a political play and a seizure of an opportunity to enact mass registration of the gadgets in query, completely in keeping with the Biden/Harris gun seize agenda.

The DOJ is simply too busy to examine election fraud, however now, abruptly, the “issue” of braced handguns should be put to mattress with best a 17-day remark length? that is extremely irregular and none of us are buying that you simply believe braced pistols represent a real probability to any individual.

this is about control, returned door registration, and capitalizing on the confusion and worry led to by using the Covid-19 pandemic. The brief comment period expertly planned across the holiday distractions is a textbook gun-grabber circulate.

The illegitimacy of the 1934 country wide Firearms Act

When the NFA become handed in 1934, its normal intent became to impose a tax on the gadgets in query so excessive that it could make them prohibitively costly and too regulatorily burdensome to own. The fee to register an merchandise under the NFA has always been called a “tax.”

The Supreme courtroom, in Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U.S. a hundred and five (1943), ruled “The state can not and doesn’t have the vigour to license, nor tax, a appropriate guaranteed to the americans,” and “No state shall convert a liberty right into a license, and cost a payment for this reason.” an identical ruling was made in Shuttlesworth v. metropolis of Birmingham, Alabama, 373 U.S. 262, wherein the court docket determined, “If the State converts a appropriate (liberty) right into a privilege, the citizen can ignore the license and payment and have interaction within the right (liberty) with impunity.”

Self-preservation is without doubt one of the most crucial human rights on this planet, and the stunning framers of our constitution chose to admire it evidently and concisely. The NFA isn’t constitutionally sound. It violates natural rights, and converts those rights into a privilege beneath Federal legislations enforcement duress.

The $200 tax is no diverse than a poll tax, purposefully and knowingly utilized to disenfranchise gun homeowners certainly. In 1966, Harper v. Virginia Board of Elections, 383 U.S. 663, the Supreme court docket dominated that ballot taxes had been unconstitutional. So, it is going to be made clear that before I provide my opinion on these “aim components,” I desire it general that I view the NFA as illegitimate to begin with, and it is probably going the Supreme court docket will too when the be counted ultimately gets that a ways. 


Braced pistols are in “common use” through a huge subset of americans. The gun business has changed for the greater as a result and many improvements had been made. Braces enhance the protection of pistols by way of helping the shooter control the firearm more simply. They support new shooters get accustomed to controlling pistols and assist with recoil administration for smaller statured shooters and those with disabilities.

The language of your “aim factors” concept at all times mentions one hand getting used to fire a handgun as a standards. i am not certain the place the ATF receives its practising, however most pistol shooters use each arms to obtain suitable manage of a handgun.

I have individually witnessed wounded veterans use braced pistols within the container to take video game where they otherwise would have been unable to use a firearm. I have witnessed wheelchair-certain veterans use braced pistols to continue exercising their 2d amendment rights after serving in combat.

The spirit below which these measures are proposed is purposely and willfully biased and ambiguous. The most efficient route of motion the ATF can take is to well known that braced pistols are in common use amongst gun owners and during this contemporary period do not fall under the purview of the 1934 NFA.

The ATF has asserted earlier than that definite collectible pistols that use shoulder stocks such as the Mauser C96 and the slotted Inglis hi-vigor don’t fall under the purview of NFA legislation. The ATF has proven it could possibly use general experience on these forms of measures and i am confident the equal will also be referred to for braces.

The NFA basically has to be abolished altogether, however it’s a future dialog we will have involving the SCOTUS, lawmakers, and my fellow citizens. i am at your disposal to talk about this remember additional.

Eric Blandford

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