CMMG’s New ultra-brief BANSHEE Pistols Chambered in .22LR

CMMG’s New ultra-short BANSHEE Pistols Chambered in .22LR – The reality About guns

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From CMMG . . .

CMMG® is proud to introduce the shortest and most compact BANSHEE™ to date. This new line-up is chambered in .22LR and features a capped lessen receiver with out a buffer tube (receiver extension).

This ultra-compact BANSHEE is made feasible by CMMG’s new .22LR conclusion Cap – which is a brand new option to transform your .22LR AR15 construct. The .22LR conclusion Cap is the superb accent that shortens your .22LR AR15 by using changing the need for a receiver extension and buffer assembly. The .22LR end Cap is appropriate with all CMMG .22LR AR Conversion Kits, as well as any AR15 that makes use of a dedicated CMMG .22LR bolt provider neighborhood and barrel.

The .22LR end Cap is attainable in two adaptations: general, with a smooth exterior and CMMG brand (.22LR conclusion Cap brand), and QD (short-detach), which has an attachment factor machined into the outside for attaching a QD sling. installing the .22LR conclusion Cap is made easy through securing the .22LR end Cap on the lower back of the decrease receiver with a 3/8” hex wrench, in lieu of the buffer tube.

The .22LR end Cap with CMMG emblem can be purchased separately for $24.ninety five and the QD conclusion Cap for $29.95.

BANSHEE lessen corporations and comprehensive BANSHEE .22LR pistols are offered with the .22 LR conclusion Cap preinstalled: the BANSHEE one hundred collection comes with the .22 LR conclusion Cap emblem and the BANSHEE 200 and 300 collection include the QD end Cap. MSRP on the complete BANSHEE pistols latitude from $799.95 to $1,024.ninety five.

For more information on the .22LR conclusion Cap and all BANSHEE models, please talk over with

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