FULL CONCEAL Folds Up shop: Maker of Folding GLOCK Pistols info for chapter

Full Conceal foldable firearm

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FULL CONCEAL, inventors of the fold-in-half pistol that no person essential, desired, or requested for, has unfortunately filed for bankruptcy. regardless of my snark, it in fact is unlucky, if now not unexpected.

Screenshot from Inforuptcy

I shot a few of FULL CONCEAL’s designs, both pistol and carbine conversion, and changed into stunned at how solid and smartly-sorted they were. in the event that they put collectively such satisfactory guns but didn’t chop the grip in half and make it fold and sh*t I may have been a purchaser.

At any cost, it’s sad to look any small business go under. Innovation ain’t for wimps, isn’t at all times safe, and that they made an outstanding run at it.


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