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At age 25 I found myself out of a job, sitting in my one-bed room house in San Diego, contemplating my options. I had come from Arizona five years past with my books and my clothing, in a beat up truck following a revenue administration place. the first vicinity I landed become in los angeles, about five blocks from the Colosseum. It become the summer season of ’84, the Olympics and traffic in full swing. I stayed for a couple of 12 months until Richard Ramirez killed two americans in a single day . . .

The information media started calling him the “night Stalker”, warning every person to lock their doors and windows. It become the simplest aspect on tv. I be aware calling my dad and telling him i used to be buying a gun and moving to San Diego. I opted for the SIG P226, in 9mm and that i packed my truck.

a few years went by means of, a pair thousand rounds went during the SIG. I did every little thing incorrect with the aid of nowadays’s specifications; Weaver stance, tea-cupping, closing one eye…. i was go-eye dominant so Weaver stance allowed me to cock my head over so I could sight with my left eye. I didn’t have a holster for it, just a small pistol bag with the spare mag. I loaded ball ammo for defense, now not realizing the change.

nonetheless, I had enjoyable and regardless of my a lot of blunders, i was pretty good. I practiced at “condominium distances” as my buddy counseled. I under no circumstances had greater than a further container of ammo. The SIG lived below my headboard, inside comforting attain of my hand. I had began waking up nights, listening to the dark and pondering Ramirez. He become in the news once again, his trial having ended with the loss of life penalty.

It was a Wednesday, the day after I received fired. I wasn’t alleged to be domestic. I sat in my lounge feeling sorry for myself, watching the television on the kitchen counter. From the sofa I may see past the television into the bedroom where the curtains have been blowing in the wind. I received up, aggravated at myself for leaving the window open and letting the heat out.

As I got here in the course of the doorway, time slowed down to a crawl. I had time to be aware the display lacking from the window. I had time to see the soiled hand prints on the sill. I saw the mess he had made from tossing my room. I wondered how he had climbed right into a 2d story room devoid of me hearing him.

I watched as he picked up a dumbbell from the ground and raised it over his head as he stepped in opposition t me. I don’t remember being afraid as I charged him and hit him within the face. He have to have dropped the dumbbell because we began buying and selling blows. I gouged at his eye and kneed him in the groin. He hit me within the nostril and it handiest made me madder.

I screamed with rage at him, head-butted him and choked him. I yelled for my neighbor to name the cops. He grabbed me through the shirt, however I couldn’t get any grip on him, he was simplest wearing shorts and he became bleeding from the face. I finally grabbed him via the hair and the throat and i dragged him to the entrance door.

however I couldn’t open the door.

i used to be unwilling to let go of him with both hand. He reached for the door address concerning the same time as I puzzled why i was letting him go. could I get him to dial 911?

We tumbled out onto the front porch and struggled to get on top of every different. He ripped faraway from me and leaped over the balcony to the street under, landed operating (!), leaving me with a clump of greasy black hair in my hand.

I threw up. I shook from adrenaline. I couldn’t unclench my effective fist filled with scalp. I sat slumped on the entrance porch, in shock, head between my knees, except the police arrived. Twenty minutes later.

I gave as good as I received. later on i would find out he changed into severely excessive on PCP. He certainly not felt a issue. I don’t know the way long the combat lasted, might be three minutes, perhaps less. It took every little thing I had simply to conclusion in a tie. It’s a combat I actually have seared into my reminiscence and one I certainly not need to have once more. It’s been 26 years and i can still see the hand prints on the sill.

The SIG?

It changed into under the headboard where it at all times was, an angel grime junkie between it and me.

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