imprecise Object of want: Cobray Pocket pal .22 LR/.380 ACP Revolver

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Cobray Pocket Pal Pistol Revolver

by means of Jeremy S.

Cobray enterprise, optimal general for manufacturing versions of the MAC series of pistols and the notorious highway Sweeper back in the 70’s and 80’s, additionally curiously spit out a couple of of those pleasing little gems – the Pocket pal. I say apparently, because all Pocket friends lift the “P.P.I., Ducktown, TN” mark.

Does that stand for Pocket pal, Inc? Who knows? however we do be aware of Cobray offered some of those bizarre little twin-barrel revolvers, which fireplace both .22 LR and .380 ACP. Why anyone truly purchased them is a further secret wholly.

Cobray Pocket Pal Pistol

first-class is low, as the gun is naturally sand forged from some sort of “steel” with well-nigh no cleanup after the casting system. The surface is covered with greater pits and imperfections than Danny Trejo’s face. And it’s not as a result of their age — that’s precisely how they seemed back within the day once they had been manufacturer spankin’ new.

where machining is bodily crucial, it looks just good sufficient to doubtless feature. The exception right here is the cylinders – one for .22 and one for .380 – which appear to be great stainless-steel with fine laptop work.

Cobray Pocket Pal Pistol

Press on the top latch to damage open the gun, insert the cylinder of your choice, [and if you’re strong enough to pull the extremely long, 15+ lb trigger] blast away. well, you’ll get three rounds of .380 or 5 rounds of .22, and then the set off and cylinder lock. All you need to do is open the gun up once again, eradicate the cylinder, prefer the empties out, reload the cylinder, line the notches up correctly, put the cylinder back in, close the gun, tell your attacker that the “time out” is over, and resume shooting. handy.

Cobray Pocket Pal Pistol

best of all, it’s precisely as correct as you suppose it’s. naturally meant for pocket carry and get in touch with distances, there’s no be anxious about pushing it out of battery in case you press the muzzle against some thing. and not lots worry about unintentionally pulling that weird trigger.

this is a contact distance gun. the rest greater than it truly is a bonus.

even though it’s very compact, thanks to the pretty thick, solid metallic frame it comfortably weighs a long way too a great deal for its size via 2013 standards. I’m not bound what possessed somebody to take a seat down in the 70’s or eighty’s and, um, borrow from the circa-1920 Mossberg Brownie design, however the effect, is comfortably essentially the most imprecise, least respectable, silliest paperweight gun in my collection.

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