Michael Bloomberg Discovers He Can’t purchase greater Gun manage

Michael Bloomberg Discovers He can not purchase greater Gun manage – The certainty About weapons

Mark Robinson
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[T]he $60 million Bloomberg spent to support Democrats in condominium races across the nation won the party nothing. not handiest did no Republican incumbent lose a seat within the condominium of Representatives, the Democrats misplaced at least a dozen seats in the lessen chamber to GOP challengers.

Even the $60 million Bloomberg spent pushing gun-handle candidates through his company Everytown for Gun safety had little to no impact. This yr saw a record for brand spanking new gun ownership in the usa: 5 million are actually gun owners, with forty % of them girls.

Bloomberg’s spokespeople did not return requires remark, however one in every of his good political advisers, Kevin Sheekey, told the linked Press remaining month: “on the end of the day, a win is a win and Joe Biden will take office in January and Donald Trump will depart. We think quite decent about … the culmination.”

on the equal time, there is no denying that Bloomberg’s Goliath makes an attempt to overcome each stage of yank politics this yr fell to scores of Davids throughout the country — including Mark Robinson.

“I chuckled to myself about this on more than one event,” Robinson stated. “Michael Bloomberg lives in an ivory tower in a single of the finest cities on this planet. This guy has billions of bucks and right here he is attempting to take out little historical Mark Robinson. It really is bizarre and in case you wrote this as a film, no one would agree with it. however right here we are.”

— Salena Zito in How Mark Robinson beat Bloomberg’s billions to win NC’s 2d-maximum workplace

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