Silencer evaluate: dead Air Nomad-LT Supressor

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Dead Air Nomad-LT silencer suppressor

Dead Air Nomad-LT silencer suppressor

lifeless Air’s new Nomad-LT is the newest offering in one of my favourite suppressor mannequin lines, and this time around it’s unique to Silencer shop.

In June of this yr I reviewed the Nomad-Ti, which is a titanium version of the Nomad-30, and as you may also have guessed the Nomad-LT seen right here is the titanium version of the Nomad-L. It’s the quietest can within the Nomad lineup, however it’s nevertheless a featherweight.

Dead Air Nomad-LT silencer suppressor

Nomad-Ti vs. Nomad-LT GIF

At a scant 12.6 ounces together with the mounted thread mount, the Nomad-LT is undeniably a light-weight .30 caliber suppressor. It adds 1.9 inches to the size of the typical Nomad for a total size of 8.4 inches.

In trade for that additional 1.9 inches of Grade 5 titanium, the shooter receives extra sound suppression. It’s possibly most considerable as you bump up in cartridge vigour stage into the magnum cartridges such as .300 Win magazine, but its additional hush powers are apparent to the naked ear even when capturing subsonic 300 BLK.

Dead Air Nomad-LT silencer suppressor

front caps are appropriate with the rest of the Nomads, that are suitable with the lifeless Air Sandman line of suppressors as well.

Dead Air Nomad-LT silencer suppressor

Snagging a Black Collar palms Pork Sword Pistol tester gun (full disclosure: I co-own Black Collar), this one chambered in 300 Blackout with a 9-inch carbon fiber barrel, I preferred the way it created this seem to be of dividing issues into even thirds. The suppressor size, exposed barrel length, and motion length are all virtually similar.

Dead Air Nomad-LT silencer suppressor

In my case, Silencer store loaned me a naked Nomad-LT — naked titanium — however they also offer it in black. As cool because the uncooked titanium is, perhaps black would have matched this specific Pork Sword’s outfit somewhat more advantageous.

come what may I disregarded to take photographs of the Nomad-LT on anything, but I additionally shot it on my CZ 557 city Counter Sniper. The -LT is mild satisfactory that it doesn’t damage the steadiness of a gun like this.

On the 300 Blackout, subsonic rounds are comically quiet. There’s little else on the whole U.S. market that may suppress a centerfire rifle circular in addition to this Nomad-LT, and working subsonic 300 BLK via it is straight foolish.

most likely testing this suppressor on bolt weapons makes things even quieter by way of doing away with the action noise. without it, firing a 300 BLK sub during the lifeless Air Nomad-LT makes little greater than a clack sound. Like tapping two hammers together, however in all probability a bit lower pitched.

Switching backward and forward between the Nomad-Ti and Nomad-LT, the -LT turned into certainly quieter however no longer by means of as much as I anticipated. truly, 300 BLK subs don’t benefit tons from extra suppression than what’s supplied via the standard size Nomad, and adding a couple greater baffles doesn’t convey lots to the desk. The Nomad-Ti is already silly quiet.

Dead Air Nomad-LT silencer suppressor

Over to the 16-inch .308 Winchester capturing regular 168 grain FMJ rounds and that i was surprised to find extra or much less the equal component. without doubt this was a whole lot louder than the subsonic 300 Blackout, partially because of the drastically higher powder cost however in a bigger part due to the supersonic crack of the projectile breaking the pace of sound, but I anticipated the Nomad-LT to rather pull forward of the -Ti right here and, as a minimum to my ear, it wasn’t as large of a difference as I anticipated.

In both situations, this changed into an entirely relaxed mixture. despite what’s traditionally considered a brief barrel for a .308, even the ordinary-length Nomad had zero difficulties taming it all the way down to at ease noise degrees.

And that’s definitely the rub here: the Nomad-Ti is so dang effective and so darn quiet that bumping up to the -LT on these weapons didn’t add a lot extra to the mix. The juice wasn’t worth the squeeze, if you will, within the sort of a couple more inches and a pair more oz..

Oddly ample, I swear once I shot the Nomad-30 and the Nomad-L lower back-to-again i realized a bigger change between both. I also discovered the Nomad-Ti to be quieter than the -30, which might be similar aside from cloth (Ti vs. 17-four stainless-steel, respectively), and must say that this later panned out in managed dB testing with the aid of Silencer store and others. It makes feel, when you consider that Ti sucks heat out of the system markedly sooner.

My wager is that the added quietness of the Nomad-Ti has stolen some thunder from the longer variant on these most likely too-effectively-suppressed cartridges. From what I’m told, the Nomad-LT really comes into its personal when you get into lengthy action and, mainly, magnum calibers comparable to .300 Win mag. fortunately it’s rated for as much as .300 Norma mag, so in reality if the bullet matches through the gap you’re good to head.

Dead Air Nomad-LT silencer suppressor

definitely, a 100% Grade 5 titanium suppressor has its merits. It’s 31 % lighter than the Nomad-L, the all 17-four chrome steel edition of the identical can, which is nothing to sneeze at. I’ll also simply go ahead and anticipate it’s somewhat quieter as well, due to the aforementioned ability of titanium to extra without delay eliminate heat from the muzzle gases.

That identical warmth sink means, youngsters, has a draw back: these cans get scorching and they get sizzling quick. in the back of a magnified optic and with out a suppressor cover, warmth mirage turns into distracting to precision capturing after firing handiest a few businesses. They’ll also be too hot to touch after best just a few rounds. Granted, centerfire rifle rounds will get any suppressor right scorching in brief order, but it surely happens enormously quicker with titanium.

You’ll additionally want to keep a watch on your firing schedule. in reality now not a priority on a bolt gun, however with a recommended highest temperature of about 800 degrees it has some price of hearth barriers on semi-cars, as all titanium suppressors do. The 17-four stainless steel Nomads have easily no issues for any type of semi-auto use you could throw at them, and are good to move for some full-auto use, too.

at the end of my checking out of the entire Nomad line, I’ve determined that i love and prefer the titanium fashions for looking use or, were I in a different career, tactical use corresponding to in a sniper position. The easy weight is a major benefit on long hunts, and the extra bit of dB discount under no circumstances hurts. For lengthy motion and/or magnum calibers I’d opt for the -LT, for brief motion and smaller I’d go -Ti.

For simply every little thing else, I’d opt for a stainless steel Nomad. The ability to run it on an AR or other semi-auto without any precise issue for price of fire is fairly amazing, and since it warmth soaks greater slowly it takes longer to distract with its own heat mirage.

useless Air is now 4 Nomads deep, and that they’re all brilliant. however the usual, the Nomad-30, continues to be my favorite for do-it-all use. Given the money I’d truly personal two Nomads, even though. The Nomad-30 can be my all-around can and the Nomad-Ti my looking can. The longer variants have a place, of route, however as I personally weigh compact size more heavily than squeaking out just a few more dB of sound reduction, I’d reserve them for use on larger cartridges than my current go-tos.

If that sounds like you, the Nomad-LT is pretty marvelous and it’s a Silencer store exclusive, so head on over there to find certainly one of their purchasers near you.

specifications: lifeless Air Nomad-LT

Caliber:  .30 cal and smaller (as much as .300 Norma magazine)
Diameter:  1.735 inches
length:  8.four inches
Weight:  12.6 oz.
Mount class:  1.375×24 frequent mounting threads. Comes with 5/eight×24 fastened mount.
materials:  one hundred% 6Al-4V Grade 5 Titanium
conclude:  raw titanium satin bead blast (additionally attainable in black)
MSRP: $1,149 (discover it for much less at Silencer store)

scores (out of five stars):

Utility  * * * *
With the now-ubiquitous 1-3/eight×24 mount threads and swappable end caps, the Nomad-LT is highly adaptable. Its titanium development prevents a five-famous person score due to the crucial cost-of-fire limits that include it.

form aspect  * * * *
Shockingly light-weight for its measurement, the machining and laser weld first-class are incredible, and i dig the virtually one-and-three-quarter-inch diameter. i love the respectable searching simplicity of the Nomad line.

Suppression  * * * * *
The total Nomad line is insanely quiet, and the Nomad-LT is, I agree with, the quietest of all of them. It’s some of the very quietest .30 caliber silencers on the market.

universal  * * * * 
The lifeless Air Nomad-LT is a very good suppressor. I just happen to like the shorter Nomad-Ti and Nomad-30 one big name better for my use.

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