Gun review: Taylor’s and company 1858 Remington Conversion Revolver

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Remington’s model 1858 revolver changed into the basic competitor to the Colt revolver for a couple of decades and a noted and rewarding handgun in its own appropriate. The revolver went into creation in 1858. whereas some favorite the solid good of the Remington over the Colt’s design, Colt also provided strong properly revolvers. for many causes the Colt 1851 Navy and 1860 military revolvers had been way more generic.

The Remington was used by guys that might have afforded any revolver. As one illustration, Buffalo bill Cody used a .44 Remington revolver for a long time. The Remington and its later variants have been critical and depended on pistols within the west and anywhere that soldiers and lawmen traveled. After the Civil war there were lots of cap and ball revolvers in use. Many have been transformed to the new rimfire cartridges.

while new revolvers had been additionally accessible, it turned into a great deal much less expensive to transform current revolvers. I actually have examined a handful of those conversions and they had been well done. Machining of the recoil take care of to encompass a loading gate into the design become undertaken after which a cartridge case ejector of some category turned into incorporated into the ball seating meeting.

My research indicated revolvers have been from time to time transformed for under five greenbacks at a time when a new revolver became twenty greenbacks or so. The consumer might keep the normal cylinder and have the means to make use of unfastened powder and ball if the want arose.

The deliver line for the different types of paper, rimfire and centerfire cartridges wasn’t top of the line back in the historic west. The original Remington conversions used a .46 caliber rimfire cartridge and the cylinders have been 5-shot types.

it will be mentioned that the .forty four Remington and .44 Colt cap and ball weapons have been effective revolvers. The gentle lead ball multiplied smartly and produced an wonderful wound. Early rimfire centerfire cartridges had been some distance less effective. The .45 Colt and .forty four-40 changed the equation.

The Taylor’s and business Remington is neatly fabricated from decent materials and presents a detailed replica of the normal conversion revolvers. they are with the aid of a long way a more robust handgun in terms of fabric, metallurgy, fit and finish to the originals of the day.

My instance is nickel plated. here is simply what happened to be in the store, however’s a watch-catching revolver. The cylinder holds six rounds of .forty five Colt. The .38 particular and .44-40 versions would have some enchantment as well, but the .forty five Colt is easily one in all my favorite cartridges. The eight-inch octagonal barrel Remington revolver isn’t any lightweight at 45 ounces. The heft and balance, though, work well and the walnut grip suits my general dimension arms nicely.

Let’s get this out of the way — the Taylor’s Remington revolver is relaxed to hearth and handles well and may have superior accuracy capabilities than some Colt types. That referred to, it doesn’t exceptionally address as neatly in quickly fireplace and exactly doesn’t factor like a finger. here is the cause you don’t see many Remingtons in cowboy action fits, at the least no longer in my journey.

The Remington conversion features an authentic recoil safeguard with loading gate. The revolver is placed on half cock and the cylinder is circled as cartridges are loaded one at a time. Unloading is a further count. It have to be saved in intellect this revolver is interchangeable with a cap and ball cylinder provided by way of Taylor and company. To eject spent cartridge the cylinder is listed in keeping with the ejector rod. The ram rod that’s used to load balls within the black powder cylinder is released and reduced, but now not some distance satisfactory to lock the cylinder up.

subsequent a relatively skinny ejector rod is moved from a notch in the underside of the barrel and moved to the rear to eject spent situations. These circumstances are ejected separately because the cylinder is listed. Then the revolver is reloaded. There are quicker systems however this one isn’t problematic to use as soon as discovered. it is additionally historically accurate.

To verify fireplace the Remington 1858 I had accessible a few .forty five Colt masses including the 250 grain challenging solid bullet and satisfactory Titegroup for 780 fps, the Black Hills Ammunition 250 grain lead load, and the Winchester 255 grain loading. the two factory masses I had were within the 750 fps range. I have been capable of look at various the Fiocchi 250 grain load extra currently and clocked it at 675 fps. A 45 ounce revolver firing sub 800 fps hundreds is awfully controllable to shoot.

The attractions of the Remington replica are first rate with an simply visible front blade, a large rear notch and a loooong sight radius. These revolvers have been initially sighted to strike excessive at 20 yards or so. That gave the shooter an outstanding possibility of connecting at a hundred yards or extra if the goal turned into an Indian struggle pony or insurrection cavalry.

I took a six o’clock cling and located the revolver indeed struck a number of inches excessive. I had on hand a small quantity of Blazer 200 grain Gold Dot hundreds. They struck lower than two inches high, clocking at 788 fps. I sighted the revolver at 15 yards after which fired for accuracy at 25 yards. The surest businesses were below two inches for five shots, brilliant by using any typical.

The Taylor’s and company Remington 1858 conversion is easy in its operation and under no circumstances tied up or grew to become intricate to rotate in firing just under two hundred cartridges in a few range periods. here is a very exciting historical copy that I find neatly price its roughly $650 retail price.

One difficulty: there is a tiny lever set in the hammer that may well be turned to ‘safe’ to keep away from the revolver from firing. I suppose it can be protected in the design to garner import points, but I don’t like it. this stuff are likely to work loose with time and whereas this isn’t a revolver most householders could have for essential use, i may at some aspect eradicate the factor…at my own chance, of route.

requisites: Taylor’s and company 1858 Remington Conversion

Caliber: .forty five Colt (.38 particular and .44-40 WCF accessible)
Barrel size: 8 inches  (5.5 and 7 three/8 listed)
Cylinder means: 6 rounds
Weight:  45 oz
standard length: 13.4 inches
usual Retail:  $650

scores (out of 5 stars):

healthy and conclude * * * * *
This revolver is beautiful, product of brilliant materials and is complete fantastically.

Reliability * * * * *
The revolver certainly not did not index, never did not hearth, and loading and ejection were authentic.

Accuracy * * * * 
The Remington clone is greater correct than i would have thought. It’s greater accurate than most similar single motion reproduction kinds.

Utility *
neatly, it is a fun gun. It isn’t a hunter and it’s outclassed in coping with in cowboy action. but here’s one fun gun.

basic * * * * 1/2
The Taylor’s and enterprise Remington model 1858 is a superb replica pistol that’s mostly historically correct, neatly made and reputable.

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