i’m in reality now not too stricken about Biden and Dem Senate. right here is why.

i’m bored with this constant cat and mouse online game. i am bored with liberals telling me i’m crazy and paranoid because ‘no person wants to take my guns’. i’m bound now we have all heard it at the least as soon as somehow shape or kind. however much more than that i am absolutely fucking drained of Republicans pretending to be on my side or Republicans telling me I should vote for them to protect my rights.

at least with Democrat’s I actually have a semblance of simple task that they basically will try to do what they’ve got down to do. and also you comprehend what? whereas it bothers me – it would not trouble me that an awful lot. The biggest motive? Politics. Obama didn’t be capable to get any serious action on gun handle. in all probability Biden/Harris will… and also you understand what? At this point I fairly much desire them to. Why? because like I observed, i’m bored with the fucking cat and mouse online game.

Go forward. Ban all AR-15 trend weapons. Ban adult to person transfers. Do literally anything the fuck you want. #1 I need these politicians really on fucking listing with names put to paper so i know exactly who is on my aspect and who isn’t come crunch time (i know there have been numerous failed expenses however I want this for successful legislation).

also – I want these legal guidelines to basically go up in front of courts and stand up to the checks of continual lawsuits and for the larger considerations – a correct look at various at the SCOTUS. That is usually a last nail in the coffin for loads of these unconstitional initiatives however we don’t even deserve to get there. There could be satisfactory precedent in different courts to delivery dissuading the passing and implementation of those gun legal guidelines simply so it does not go to the SCOTUS (as we’ve got considered earlier than).

i’m simply bored with it. let’s see americans put their funds the place their mouth is. i am just no longer bothered via it. Dems won. They may still have their four or 8 years some thing it is and put their cash where their mouth is. just fucking do it already.