KELTEC broadcasts the P50: A 50-round 5.7x28mm Pistol

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Some say the key to establishing a new firearm is to birth with a great, authentic journal and then construct a gun round it. within the case of KELTEC’s new P50, they’ve now not best found a great magazine, but a extremely high-capacity one in the sort of FN’s 50-circular P90 mag . . . and they literally developed a pistol round it.

Two of those P90 magazines come with every 5.7x28mm P50, which might be slated to start transport later this quarter.

I provide it zero months earlier than the retro futuristic P50 finds itself on a movie creation set. How darn cool is that P90 magazine simply chillin’ appropriate down there within the middle of the P50?

and also you simply gotta love flipping up the belt-fed computer gun-fashion heat look after correct cover to access the magazine below. evidently this doesn’t make for the fastest journal alternate available on the market, nonetheless it just can be essentially the most fun.

important of word: in a FN P90, the journal faces downward, while within the KELTEC P50 it’s facing upward.

if you aren’t widespread, yeah, the P90 magazines are pretty weird. They’re a double-stack, field-vogue journal right up until they aren’t. Designed to healthy along the length of the weapon in its place of perpendicular to it, a spinning feed gadget lifts and rotates the on-deck round ninety levels and serves it up for the bolt to feed it into the chamber.

whereas it’s certainly extra complex than a standard journal, that maxim of beginning a gun design with a great, reputable magazine nonetheless holds actual right here because the P90 mags are each of those issues. They’re effortless to load, too, if slower than a customary magazine. No worries about feeding slowly; they’ve in no way had an argument maintaining with absolutely automated hearth from the P90’s screaming quickly 850 to 1,a hundred RPM cyclic expense.

Now all we need is for 5.7x28mm ammunition production to bump up. With the free up of the Ruger-fifty seven and the Diamondback DBX (FYI I simply comprehensive testing of the DBX and the full review is coming soon), we had excessive hopes this yr of generally available, in your price range 5.7x28mm.

That hasn’t come to move. truly, throughout the current ammo drought, we’re seeing exactly the opposite. I’m sure when producers get caught up there could be a renewed focal point on in your price range 5.7, but presently ammo availability for the KELTEC P50 is my biggest challenge for its sales possibilities.

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