Proposed long island bill Bans body Armor, Makes Possession against the law, Forces residents to turn it In or Face Arrest

NYer right here. right here’s the scary part.

This proposed invoice piggy backs off. new york State Penal legislations 270.20, which already exists

  1. an individual is responsible of the unlawful wearing of a physique vest when appearing either on my own or with one or more different men and women he commits any violent legal offense defined in area 70.02 whereas possessing a firearm, rifle or shotgun and in the course of and in furtherance of such crime he wears a physique vest.

2. For the functions of this part a “body vest” capacity a bullet-resistant gentle body armor proposing, at the least ordinary, the degree of protection known as danger level I which shall mean at the least seven layers of bullet-resistant cloth providing coverage from three photographs of one hundred fifty-eight grain lead ammunition fired from a .38 calibre handgun at a velocity of eight hundred fifty ft per second.

while without doubt an infringement for your rights, the legislations makers had been dumb satisfactory to define “physique Vest” as gentle armor. Leaving the door open for plate carriers as a minimum

Welcome to long island, the place law makers do every thing they could to not keep you alive

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