H.R.127 – To supply for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to limit the possession of certain ammunition.

again, i know everyone is amped and nervous, however a lot of these bills have been proposed every year, in some vogue for a long time.

This one, and a couple of the others, became proposed by means of sheila Jackson Lee, she does this all the time since it panders to her base.

Obama had the apartment and Senate and all these expenses were doubtless proposed then too.

i am now not saying not to worry or be worried, i am saying we deserve to mood our anxiousness a bit of.

Politicians wish to win, these bills, in complete are losers for them and they understand it. Now that they’ve the manage, they can’t blame the different birthday party for their failures, so they will mood what they do.

They don’t seem to be committed to reasons like you believe. have you ever observed that, now that they’ve gained, they shifted from the green new deal to with no trouble local weather justice? Or Medicare 4 all to with no trouble healthcare?

there’s a purpose.