Mini Shotgun Shells half 2, 2.25-Inch round electric powered Boogaloo

a while again, I wrote about the deserves, the downsides, and the popularity of mini shotgun shells from Federal, Aguila, and Challenger. These had been all 1.seventy five-inch shells that I have fun with, however didn’t see a ton of practical use for.

today we’re taking a look at a different classification of mini shell. These are 2.25 inches lengthy and come from Nobel game. If I remember as it should be, Cabela’s Herter’s company used to supply 2.25-inch shells, but I haven’t seen them in years. currently, the Nobel recreation MiniBuck range is all I could find in this size. Nobel activity is an Italian enterprise, and Italians make some stunning shotguns, so their ammo can’t be too bad, correct? 

This 2.25-inch round is a buckshot load, and that seems to be the handiest Nobel activity load purchasable at this time. From a home defense point of view, buckshot is the best load I actually care about anyway. given that the dimension is compromised, you’re decreased to six 00 pellets. That’s only two under my standard defensive load. It’s no longer a awful compromise normal. The lead flies at 1250 feet per 2d and the aforementioned lead is backed by using a plastic wadding. 

The simple advantages of Mini Shells

That shorter size is the simple improvement to mini shells. in view that most shotguns use a set tubular journal, the length of the shell determines your capability. With the 2.25-inch mini shells, you could continually squeeze in a single additional circular on your shotgun. Your 5-circular tube turns into a six round tube.

Shotguns are exceedingly low capacity weapons, and with these shorter shells, i will be able to get six rounds into the tube and one within the chamber of my ultralight, brief Mossberg 500. Now I even have the potential of a Mossberg 590 with out the load of a 590. 

2.25-inch mini shotgun shells

1.75 inch shell (L), 2.25 inch shell (C), and 2.seventy five inch shell (R) (graphic: Travis Pike For TTAG)

The next benefit is decreased recoil. Shotguns are effective weapons and are disliked by way of some because of their high recoil. This 1250 toes-per-2d load is gentle handling. They bring less felt recoil than even most decreased recoil loads. 

The big improvement of these loads is a rewarding payload of heavy 00 buckshot pellets. The smaller 1.seventy five-inch shells usually lift both No. four or a mixture of No. 4 and No. 1. These 00 pellets are a good deal superior penetrators than No. four loads, and with an already compromised mini-load, I’d reasonably have the better pellets and the extra size. 

Reliability amongst Shotguns

The leading disadvantage with 1.75-inch mini shells is their reliability with pump-motion shotguns. This limits their use to just a number of shotguns, essentially the most regularly occurring being the Mossberg 500 with the Opsol mini shell adapter. 

2.25-inch mini shotgun shells

the two.25 inch shell in comparison to a 1.75 inch shell (Travis Pike For TTAG)

the 2.25-inch mini (medium?) shells don’t have that issue. well, at the least not that I could find amongst my shotguns. I cycled them shells via a Mossberg 500, a Remington 870, an Ithaca 37, a KS7, and a Hatsan Escort. They worked in all of them without problem. The shorter 2.25-inch dimension seems to be the perfect size to make certain reliability while increasing your capability…and with out the want for an adapter. 

I even ran the pumps super slow, making an attempt to look if I could mess them up. The 1.75-inch mini shells would work premiere in weapons just like the 870 if you happen to run the pump quick and tough. the 2.25-inch shells by no means  did not cycle. 

within the box

because of the latest ammo drought, I may handiest comfortable 20 rounds of Nobel sports mini buckshot. besides the fact that children after a day at the latitude and cycling the rounds dozens of times through distinct shotguns, I figured I had an honest theory of how neatly they work usual. 

2.25-inch mini shotgun shells

The trying out shotguns (Travis Pike For TTAG)

I brought out three guns, a Benelli M4, a Remington TAC 14, and a KelTec KS7. This gave me a standpoint with a semi-auto shotgun, a, well, firearm, and a shoulder-fired pump gun. I figured that could supply me a wide adequate range of weapons to appropriately verify the shells’ performance. 

A Semi-Auto?

neatly yeah, I needed to test them via a  semi-auto simply to see if they labored, appropriate? normal 1.seventy five-inch mini shells don’t run in a semi-auto until the shotgun is constructed especially for them. I loaded 5 2.25-ers into the Benelli M4 tube and set forth on my quest to discover in the event that they’d work or not. 

2.25-inch mini shotgun shells

2.25 and a couple of.seventy five-inch shell (Travis Pike For TTAG)

It changed into a short quest, again because of the ammo scarcity. The M4 ate every single one with no malfunction. The little 2.25-inch shells cycled the gun perfectly. You may also want to take that with a grain of salt as the Benelli M4 is the Lexus of semi-auto shotguns. They may not work in more ammo-picky guns just like the Tavor TS12. 


Recoil most definitely numerous among the weapons verified. in the M4, the mini shells felt akin to a .22 Magnum. ok, might be it become a little greater than that, however it was infrequently a blip on my shoulder. gas-operated semi-vehicles eat recoil up, and after the first shot, I remarked out loud, “actually, that’s it?” 

in the KS7, there became a little extra recoil, but it surely become nevertheless below that of most reduced recoil hundreds. My points of interest rarely moved, and i felt like I may blast via seven rounds with hardly ever any real manage issues. 

finally, I put some throughout the TAC 14. As you’d think about, these weapons will also be a harsh mistress when it comes to full-powered loads. I fired from shoulder peak, aiming, and delivered a heavy dose of lead without any pain or handle concerns. I’d hazard to claim this may be the optimum load for the TAC 14 in case you, for some purpose, insisted on the usage of one of those weapons for protective use. 


The patterns put up via the two.25-inch shells become general. At ten yards, you might vicinity all six pellets into the chest of a goal. I used an 8.5 x 11-inch piece of paper printed with a Sage Dynamics torso target. It unfold backward and forward, but every pellet stayed on paper.

2.25-inch mini shotgun shells

The pattern become constant (Travis Pike For TTAG)

Over half a dozen rounds delivered the equal equivalent sample, so it’s constant on the very least. There didn’t appear to be any important flyers from the loads, and i’d have no concern using these rounds for domestic protection.

Ejection and Extraction

As outlined earlier, the hundreds gave the impression to eject and cycle well in my ‘dry’ fireplace follow. when I went live with lead at the range, I bumped into zero concerns. The shells extracted and ejected effectively with every gun and always cycled the next mini shell devoid of problem. This comprises going quickly or slow with the manually operated pump weapons. 

It It domestic defense-competent?

I’m no longer gonna swap my appreciated Federal FliteControl rounds for these loads, despite the fact that they offer an additional circular of potential. besides the fact that children, the Nobel recreation 2.25 inch shells pattern reliably, feature reliably, and offer each low recoil and an extra round in the tube. in case you own a shotgun you have concern dealing with, and can’t reap a AR-15, then sure, these shells are ideal for that function. 

The Nobel recreation, 2.25-inch mini shells, are sophisticated in lots of easy methods to the 1.seventy five-inch shells. They’re much less of a novelty and more of a valid alternative.