shower thought: The Left and Twitter’s reaction to the Capitol Storming

These past few days have gotten me pondering. usually after I get into a dialog/debate with an anti-gunner, I customarily frame my standpoint in the feel that regulating the 2nd amendment/requiring a license to observe a right and ask my opponent if s/he thinks it be a good idea to follow for a let to follow your correct to free speech. The opponent inevitably counters with “smartly, speech isn’t bad.” Now with their big speakme element of banning Trump from Twitter for inciting violence, I believe like we are able to utilize this to assert “in reality, your facet has repeatedly mentioned how speech is unhealthy and even Social Media banned the President from a few structures.”

I understand that social media is variety of a unusual house as a result of they may be making an attempt to have their cake and consume it to concerning if they’re a publisher vs communications business, but the overarching theory nonetheless stands. If freedom of speech is rarely unhealthy, why become someone’s social media presence just about deleted?