The authoritarians forge ahead. Its incremental however the aim has always been the same: to strip rights from the individuals while empowering the State and its enforcers.

Some things in no way exchange. The oldest written substances on earth focus on two issues: How wonderful and incredible our wealthy rulers were, and the way they tracked agricultural production to guarantee they got ‘their’ share.

Elites retain their energy to oppress through monopoly of violence. It’s a truth as certain and immutable as gravity.

200,000 years in the past, the family clan who ran your hunter-gatherer neighborhood instructed you only they may have sharpened sticks. Disobey, and they bashed your head in.

1000 years in the past, only your feudal lord and his employed enforcers might own swords, shields, bows, spears, or armor. Armed peasants resist issues like conscription, taxes, and prima nocta. Can’t have that…

nowadays, the tech oligarchs and their paid helpers have taken over the USA govt. They too need to disarm you.

Why would anybody believe any distinct?