Joe Manchin indicators Confiscation help

nah they already bought what they need. took the apartment, senate, and presidency. GOP is now synonymous with treason. impeaching potus once again. feels like calls and bureaucracy are actually coming to u.s.a. GOP politicians that supported the insurgency. legal professionals, social media, and any person else left is abandonging the GOP. what no one here realizes yet is that the GOP is a hundred% performed done performed. dems will (rightfully, imo, sorry) bring up the insurrection each day for decades. you ailing about listening to about it yet? as a result of any time a conservative says the rest any more, bam, jan 6th insurgency brought up.

and or not it’s been a yr filled with gun violence, and notwithstanding you or i do not call the riot at the capitol a gun adventure, the 2a is unfortunately linked to correct wing extremism.

or not it’s a fuckin’ rout man. the dems have everything the need. now not best are we getting gun manage. we should be getting some type of up to date patriot act 2 and a bunch of different shit.