new york decide Says Mossberg Shockwave no longer A Firearm beneath State legislations

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William Nolan is a retired manhattan Police department detective who became arrested in December of 2018 for possession of unlicensed weapons; two Mossberg Shockwaves and a stun gun. Nolan changed into dealing with the possibility of 15 years in state prison, and prosecutors had been intent on taking the case to trial (for explanations we’ll detail later).

a brand new York Supreme court judge, youngsters, has tossed out the fees in opposition t Nolan and ruled that below ny state law, the Shockwave isn’t truly a firearm.

As Nolan’s attorney Peter Tilem explains:

The Shockwave… is a legally exciting weapon that fires shotgun shells out of a 14-inch barrel, has an typical size of 26 inches and a distinct “bird’s head” grip. because of its design, it’s can’t be considered a shotgun, rifle nor a handgun under ny legislations, and no license is required to possess one within the state.

A shotgun with a barrel size under 18 inches is often unlawful to own and possess in big apple, at least with out a license; youngsters, the Shockwave (and identical weapons) can not be legally regarded a shotgun, which is described in ny Penal Code §265.00 as a weapon which is “intended to be fired from the shoulder.” Mossberg’s “bird’s head” grip, comparable to a pistol grip, makes it impossible to hearth from the shoulder. moreover, the Shockwave can’t be legally regarded a pistol because a pistol via definition changed into designed to be fired through one hand. The Shockwave facets a strap on the foregrip designed for the support of the 2d hand. The prosecution’s own ballistics professional pointed out each and every of Nolan’s Shockwaves as an “other weapon” in his file, that means that it become now not a “firearm” as changed into charged in the indictment.