The Deplatforming Continues – GoDaddy Boots

The assault by vigour-inebriated tech giants on issues, viewpoints and discipline matters that don’t conform with the latest approved, bien pensant orthdoxy continues. ARFCOM has just posted this tweet announcing that GoDaddy has booted them from their carrier. as a result of they could.

The web site appears to be up for now. We’ve spoken to Brownells which owns for comment, but they’re nevertheless dealing with the circumstance and don’t have an reputable remark yet.

Do tech groups suppose that ghetto-izing viewpoints and notion on the internet will someway deliver about the solidarity and brotherly love that the desiccated husk of Joe Biden maintains proclaiming is his one aim? Do they think that the heightened degrees of animosity and distrust might be lessened by means of greater moves to silence people and corporations with opposing aspects of view? Do they even care?