Gotta love first rate ole AHS

you might be considering logically with facts and stuff, but put your self within the mind of someone who best listens to CNN and NPR and his “emotions.” In that guy’s mind all and sundry who owns a gun is a larping white supremacist bigot who’s just waiting for an opportunity to kill toddlers. Theses news media outlets comprehend that some p.c of the inhabitants are not important thinkers. They maintain telling the same story “violent hateful gun house owners wish to kill your youngsters with ar-15s.” any person with a brain can just lookup murder statistics and notice the entire gun violence happens in inner cities, with pistols, illegally owned, with the aid of gang participants, the place the most gun control is.

The simplest conclusion to draw is that your rifle is not their target. you are. They are looking to shut down your communications, disrupt your communities, and disintegrate your base, as a result of to them all gun owners are Republicans and Republicans stand in the method of their agenda. It doesn’t rely the way you vote, or what you identify as. or not it’s the lowest placing fruit and a straightforward attraction to emotion, and it’s working swimmingly for them.