Rep. Thomas Massie: ‘a couple of of Us have been completely happy to Be Armed whereas Barricaded’

Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky). AP photograph.

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) continues to boldly recommend for the confirmed advantages of firearm possession and concealed carry. in the days after last week’s lockdown, he tweeted that “The subsequent member who argues Congressmen shouldn’t be allowed to raise firearms at work must be laughed out of the Capitol.”

after which there became the subsequent sentence in his tweet . . .

“a couple of of us had been blissful to be armed whereas barricaded for hours in our workplaces with our personnel.”

If the identify Thomas Massie sounds frequent (possibly probably the most solidly pro-gun member of Congress), yet you’re now not from the Bluegrass State, it’s likely as a result of Massie serves because the co-chair of the brand new house second modification Caucus with Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. She certainly has made headline after headline in her proud quest to deliver her GLOCK to work.

From the Washington instances:

Mr. Massie’s tweet got here after a mob of President Trump supporters who falsely agree with he gained the election stormed the Capitol constructing and quickly halted a joint session of Congress to certify the Electoral faculty votes Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Massie noted during an interview Thursday on “The Tom Roten Morning show” that he and his staff hunkered down in his workplace while the chaos unfolded, which finally resulted in the police-shooting loss of life of a woman, the loss of life of a Capitol Police officer, and the deaths of three Trump supporters who reportedly suffered medical emergencies.

“We barricaded the doors,” Mr. Massie talked about. “i was armed, so. an extra congressman joined me and his group of workers, and that become where we spent a number of hours until they cleared the situation. It changed into stressful.”

Now if he might best work to circulate law to enable mere mortals the same privileges that Congress gives to its members.

Yeah, i know. nonetheless it doesn’t hurt to dream.